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a TVD fan! :smiley: me too…

and supernatural… and flash… arrow… prison break… house… grey’s anatomy… the good place… private practice…the good wife… gossip girl… narcos… FRIENDS… how i met your mother…modern family… the goldbergs… the crown… black mirror… and goes on… and on … and on… :joy:
not game of thrones… most overrated series of all time :triumph:


Yeah it’s been too long since the last season, but I think it’ll be worth it

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Yes, that was awesome :slight_smile: Shawn kinda reminds me of me sometimes :slight_smile:

Well that’s kinda the point of the Sherlock series - it’s funny, he’s funny :slight_smile: Cumberbatch is a brilliant actor who played the role very well. This Sherlock isn’t that boring and wise character like in those old series or movies. He’s brilliant but also very individual, asocial, selfish, almost an autist :slight_smile: And he sometimes does crazy things :slight_smile: That’s what I like on those series, many unexpected and funny moments :slight_smile: And, of course, Benedict Cucumbersnatch :laughing:

From what you listed I very much liked House, The Crown and Black Mirror :slight_smile:
I watched Flash and Legends of Tomorrow a while but I became bored with both and stopped watching, it’s always the same baseline story. I also like series/movies with a good selection of capable actors, to whom I would totally believe it all, which I cannot say about those two :slight_smile:

Yes, I Iook forward to the last series :slight_smile:

@birdy1989 hey I didn’t expect to find another Lucifer and Orange fan here! :fist_left: :blush:


Any Scrubs fans here? Amazing show imo, though a bit old by now :joy:


Scrubs was so awesome!!!

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I tasted it at the HP London Studios and it was sooo good! :grin:

I watch the first season of The 100, i like it but then it becomes a bit boring.
I love Sherlock, Black Mirror, The good place (until the third season), Pretty Little Liars, Stranger things, 13 reasons why, and You. :blush:

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But…how?! It tastes of fizzy piss. It contains no butter, no beer, no alcohol and costs more than actual beer. It’s a total scam.


I don’t remember that it was fizzy, i just remember the vanilla taste. :blush:

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Exactly :slight_smile: And Clarke & Bellamy started to kinda get on my nerves. But I will watch it to the end because I like to finish things :blush:

Ohhh I forgot about 13 Reasons Why! It is such a good series!!
And I also forgot about Killjoys! :blush:

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Thoughts on the Samsung GS10+?

  • Awesome
  • Idiotic
  • Indifferent

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  • Mike Shinoda
  • Eminem

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So we had a discussion about this on WA last month. Just curious to who gets the more votes.


You’re posting this in the wrong place man. Also, you have to be more specific as to what we’re comparing about them.


How is it the wrong place? This is the poll thread isn’t it? And its between who is a better rapper.


I like Eminem too, but I think it’s too difficult for me to be objective with Mike Shinoda in the choices. My vote might be biased. I see him right on my profile picture and i can’t help me not voting for him. :roll_eyes::joy:

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Wrong in terms of everyone here being very clearly biased towards Mike. It’s like asking Bill Gates if Mac OS is better than W10.


Well its not my fault if its a biased vote. I can honestly say I voted for Mike because I like his lyrics more, not because I am biased towards him. Everyone is free to vote as they see fit, but obviously it should be fair, meaning who’s lyrics, style, etc, you like more, not because you think one looks better than the other, etc.


I don’t know anything about Eminem, never listened to his music so my vote is for Mike.


Custard cream or Bourbon?

  • Custard cream
  • Bourbon
  • Dafuq are you on about?

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Voted for the lolz :joy: Seriously, I don’t know what you’re on about

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They’re biscuits. lol

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