Random Poll Thread


Order of the phoenix :grin:


Goblet of fire for me! :raising_hand_man:t2::grin:
Dragons and mermaids and ghostly apparitions :crazy_face:


Another Potterhead here :raising_hand_woman:t3:‍♀
I loved the books, they were WAY better than the movies, especially the last two (both parts of the final book).
@manypintas I agree, the second Dumbledore sucked :see_no_evil: But, truth be told, I don’t think ANYONE could have done it better than the first Dumbledore.


POA is the only book I liked, and the only movie I hated. lol


I like all Harry potter movies from the beginning to the end

Wait if I have to choose it would be goblet of fire


Just because i found it today and it’s the current topic of conversation. :grin:


The butter beer in HP (the actual stuff) is absolutley horrific.

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never tasted butterbeer… is it any good?:joy:


Am I missing something? What’s that? :thinking:


It’s a beverage in the HP world. i think it first appeared in prisoner of azkaban, when they started to go to Hogsmead :slight_smile:


Are you kidding? HP is cool :slight_smile: Though I liked books more, the movies are also nice :slight_smile: Not something bombastic, but nice to watch when you’re in a good mood and are able to forget the details in books for a while :slight_smile:

Another poll for y’all:

Which of these series do you like?

  • Doctor Who
  • Altered Carbon
  • The 100
  • Full metal panic! (and all consequtive series)
  • Battlestar Gallactica
  • Game of Thrones
  • Lucifer
  • Counterpart
  • Sherlock
  • Orange is the new Black
  • Westworld
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Dark Matter
  • The Good Doctor

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Don’t think about the series choice, it’s just random selection of what I generally watch and I’m curious about your opinions about some of them :slight_smile:
If you didn’t watch those, please don’t vote :slight_smile:


I can’t do that.:joy: I’m literally incapable of that. when i try to see the movies i just be so mad :joy:


Out of the list I know only The Good Doctor.

I like the main character and his interactions with others (he is an autistic surgeon - for those who don’t know).

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I’ve only watched Sherlock from that list.

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It’s okay @the_termin8r, @anomalia, just don’t vote for what you didn’t watch :slight_smile: Just what you liked :slight_smile:


I only care for Game of Thrones and I can’t wait for the final season!

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I know, it takes too damn long, right?! :grimacing:


I like that too. I’m just curious about how the series will develop, if it won’t become too boring and each episode the same :slight_smile:

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I love The Blacklist as well. And pretty little liars. And once upon a time. And Vampires Diary’s. And The Originals. And… And… I can go on like this for ever :joy: but I haven’t watched any series lately


I used to think there was only one season with the open end. But then I discovered the second season. I hate when series have many seasons 'cause they become more and more ridiculous.

I like the first episodes the most. There ones with retrospection to Shaun’s childhood and when he is pictured as a promising young surgeon but on the other hand as someone who can’ t understand feelings of the others and doesn’t know the social rules (because of his autism).

Edit: Everyone I know loves Sherlock and Everyone recommended it to me. But my adenture with Sherlock finished after I had watched one single scene. I turned on TV, saw Sherlock sit in a bathtube in his clothes on and shoot at the wall (or a picture on the wall, don’t remember). I reacted: WTF is that? And turned off TV and have never watched it again.

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