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:sweat_smile: I honestly kind of really like 1,2, and 3 :grimacing:
I mean I get what people say about the trade crap and jar jar being terrible :joy: but I loved the light saber duels, qui gon, yoooooooda :star_struck: and being a Vader fan, I kind of enjoyed seeing his coming up story in the sequels :grimacing:
7 was okay for me but 8 was a bit of a let down :sweat_smile: I really hope balance of the force fixes 8 :smile:


Not the official title right?


Okay. I see. :smiley: Sorry for calling it trash. It was the heat of the remembered moment. :wink:
I am just a fan of good dialogues, in a way of: If you can show it, than don’t say it.
Bud I remember the second time, they showed Episode one in the movie theater. I was there with my kid and I just watched him and all the other youngsters, they all were so exited, transported the old Star Wars feeling. :smile:


No :grimacing: but I kind of like it so I stuck with it when talking about it :joy:

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:joy: of course no worries-I’m all for differing opinions(it makes conversations about it more fun :joy:)
I agree about the dialogue :see_no_evil: the script on some scenes was unimaginative you could say :joy:
But yeah the little kid in me comes out the same way making whoosh noises of light sabers and the pew pew of blasters :crazy_face:


Post must at least have 10 caracters?
P.S. I think, I dident reply to @framos1792, so I am doing that with taging. Still new :grimacing:


Well, I mean, if you like at least one movie from the series and didn’t explicitly hate it, you could have just crossed the box but thank you for the exhausting answer :joy:


If you don’t want to post more than 10 characters, just typ the following without the spaces in between:
< gvvfhgggfc >
You can use different characters than these :blush: give it a try


But I love how you describe it though, @anna834. How you went to the theater with the costume and all :joy:
And the lovely description of your love for LOTR is just amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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oh yeah. he’s crazy :joy:
he’s work is mainly programming, so he just puts Star Trek on while he’s working.
Somehow it gets in he’s brain :joy:

Any potterheads here?
i was really obsessed with the books. totally disappointing with the movies… i mean…


I will give it a try. Thank you @birdy1989 :hugs:

worked! Double Thank you!

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Yeah. Sure. I could have. But I had way more fun, writing it down. :wink::smile:

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Btw welcome to LPU @anna834 :blush::tada::sparkling_heart::hugs:


I’ve always had problems with reading, so i love the Harry Potter movies (maybe because i didn’t read every books). I was the same age as Emma Watson when the first movie came out, so maybe it helped too.

And thiiiiis, it’s so cute :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::


Well the first and the second aren’t that bad… You should try to read the books thought. They are very different from the movies, in a bery good way😁

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Woooohooooo! Another person that agrees! :sweat_smile:
I’ve read the series a few times :smile: that series and the Eragon series are like childhood comforts lol
I do enjoy the movies for what they’re worth but the books really do have so much more content to them, it makes the storyline feel richer :smile:


Totally a Potterhead!!! I agree the books are better, especially Deathly Hallows. And the second Dumbledore just didn’t feel right in the movies.


The second Dumbledore was so bad. What were they thinking??? That’s just bad casting :joy:
Which one of the 7 is your favourite? @framos1792 @melisLP


That’s hard but, I think I have to go with Half Blood Prince. You @manypintas ?