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I almost exclusively read medieval books. Sometimes fantasy or steampunk. And I love to read books in a series. My favorites are the Eragon series, the Rangers Apprentice series, and The Edge Chronicles. I just enjoy their ability to create fantastic universes with rich histories and storylines.


Eragon was great

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Dan brown fan? :heart_eyes:

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My mom gave me like 4 or 5 Dan Brown books, but I don’t make time to read :see_no_evil: maybe I should try, when I see the reactions in here

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I’ve read ‘The Da Vinci Code’ only. And don’t think it’s my kind of book.


I’ve seen the film only :smile: It was alright, not as special as I expected it to be


Yes, they’re all great books with real facts :slight_smile: Unlike some of the movie remakes, especially the last ones were a bit low :slight_smile:


Which movie series do you like? Just interested :slight_smile:

  • Matrix
  • Lord of the Rings+Hobbit
  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek

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Turns out these do exist over here. Picked up a pack today. They share the top spot with peanut butter oreos as the single most horrific confection I’ve had the displeasure of assulting my tongue with. I don’t get how people not only eat, but LIKE these things.

@evooba, if you want to know what a Snickers tastes like, it’s like an RC, but without all the salt and with bits of peanut inside. They have a lot of caramel in them, but you can’t specifically taste it, you just get sweetness.


@mish3lka What happens if you answer none of the above?

@the_termin8r still not sure I’d try it. I really hate nuts :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, it’s just in case you were curious of the taste, you’re not missing out on much.


Nothing, I was just curious who likes what :slight_smile: My husband didn’t like Matrix, I was curious if there are other such people or he’s just weird :rofl:

But in the end I’m surprised nobody likes Star Trek :grin::sweat_smile:


I enjoy the new Star Trek movies with Chris Pine. Those are pretty dope. The end of the first one was especially cool.


To me, the original star trek show from the 1960s was the best. The remakes are good as well, but nothing beats the original.

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I started as a kid with the Next Generation, so that’s my favourite. I was on basic school and it was my first sci-fi ever :slight_smile: Data was my favourite figure, I wanted to be like him :grin: Later on high school I read Isaac Asimov and discovered that Data was completely inspired by his robot novels. In fact, many sci-fi movies today use the three laws of robotics he invented :slight_smile: After Karel Čapek’s R.U.R., Asimov was the next big thing in robotics :slight_smile: And he wrote about them in a different way. Many authors and/or movies draw robots
as killer machines. But Asimov’s robots were like Data. Wise, always trying to be helpful, always reliable, always seeking to be more human :slight_smile:

But I like them all, Star Trek is Star Trek :blush:


Only see the Star Trek movies and i like them a lot :blush: my boyfriend is totally obsessed with all the old series. He’s always playing them on netflix and knows most lines by heart :joy:

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Really? Wow! :open_mouth:

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I cant answer this with just crossing a box.
I zapped into Star Trek some times over the years but never got hooked.
I loved the first Matrix movie, best twist since the sixth sense. The next two not so much.
Star Wars Episode six, five and four are my first movie love. The order is the order I have seen them. So always known the sister twist. Still love them, just to watch, I keep my video. Hate the remastered version. And wow, was I excited when they announced the new ones. They advertised Episode one in the marketplace in my hometown with an X-Wing fighter and I got tickets there. Even dressed up as characters for the premiere. Boy, was I disappointed. I cant stand Episode one, two and three, what a trash. So Episode eight gave me a positive surprise, I liked that one. Also liked Episode nine. Really loved Rogue one. And even liked Solo.
And last but certainly not least, The Lord of the Rings.
I first read it when I was 12, my first grown up book. And I fell instantly in love. As I finished I started again. Till today I have read it 16 times, feel at home in Middleerth, love to meet all my old friends.
So, as you can think, Peter Jacksen didn’t had it easy with me. And truly I found the movies okay in some ways, in others I was disappointed. So much from my favoured parts were missing. I love Faramir, I love the growing friendship between Aragorn and Éomer. And the responsible Merry, always a girl for me, now a second Pippin. But then, I got the extended Cut. And now I really, really love the movies. Wow! What devotion and passion. I do not just love the movies, I also love the whole making of, I am deeply in awe for all the guys working on this!
And then the Hobbit. Although I knew about my change to Lord of the Rings and Martin Freeman is one of my favorite actors, I had to go to the same process.



:face_with_raised_eyebrow::scream::exploding_head: Star Wars-hate 1,2,3 But love 7 and 8?!?! :scream::scream::scream::scream: how? Why? Whaaaa? :exploding_head::exploding_head::joy:
Just curious :grin:

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Why? What about you? :smile: