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Wait, you don’t have Milky Way over there?


No I meant we have Milky Way here, isn’t it close to the composition of mars bar?
I’ve had a mars ages ago but they were from a specialty store with random products from all over-not common here

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Ish, Milk Way is ‘lighter’ in terms of taste, also less dense and doesn’t have caramel.

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For some reason I thought it has caramel too :face_with_monocle: except it’s always hard as hell in the ones I’ve had :expressionless:


Well you know, peanuts do taste different than peanut butter. Not to mention there is a whole variety of peanuts and like 2 varities of peanut butter lol.


Are you eating them out of a freezer or something? An 80 year old with no teeth should find them dead easy to eat.

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LOL not sure, I mean I do like certain ones out of the freezer like kit kats :joy: but I mean the milky ways are chewy sticky hard, not necessarily hard to but into per se


Eating a Milky Way should be like eating dense whipped cream or something.


Keyword is “should” :upside_down_face:


@framos1792 It’s not the same, taste is different. Plus, for me, I think that my problem with nuts is the texture. So smooth peanut butter is fine. I don’t like the crunchy one.


I agree. I LOVE Peanutbutter but please don’t give me Peanutbutter that has pieces of peanuts… Really don’t like that :see_no_evil:


What kind of books do you usually read?

  • Horror
  • Fantasy
  • Science fiction
  • Biography
  • Romance
  • Crime
  • Adventure
  • Encyclopedia
  • Other

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I occasionally read informative books and philosophical books


Oh yeah! Me too! Occasionally yes


For me, other = none / a textbook that I absolutely have to dig through. I haven’t willingly picked up a book in over 7 years.

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No romance, no science fiction, no fantasy (except the Lord of Rings), no horror. A crime story - could be but haven’t read any lately.
What I like - books with psychological depth (whatever they are), travel & documentary books.


I love this and also the hobbit


Hobbit is an exception, too :smile:

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I don’t know where I’d put Dan Brown though :slight_smile:

Who reads sci-fi from Isaac Asimov? :slight_smile:

  • Me, that’s totally me!
  • I’ve read something, but didn’t like it.
  • Nope, nothing, doesn’t ring a bell.
  • I heard about the author but I’ve never read anything.
  • I’ve just seen the movies.

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Not sure what manga would be classified as, but that’s one. Plus non fiction also.