Q&a with linkin park + projekt revolution 2002global stream event

I shared the same views on Mike’s albums recently. He did ask for funds for charity on the streams but not on proceeds of album sales from what I understand. Anyway, I foresaw this was going to happen again and bet this “stream” idea was added later…


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I get that they want to celebrate 20 years of their debut album, which is a big deal in a sense, but after a while, it almost feels like with every chance they get, well…



Not even the cow is enjoying it anymore :crazy_face:


So is this the same gig that is included in the deluxe box set?


I more or less going along with all this.
I just would like to have a happy event looking forward to.
That’s the reason I bought me a ticket immediately. Yeah, I have the luck, to live in a country, where this isn’t much money, even for people with not much.
I so could use a happy, cear free evening with friends.

What this now turns in makes me sad.


I’m not trying to take away from the celebration or the live stream. After a point, though, I can’t help but scratch my head over a few things.


Nothing we say takes away from the event though
You would enjoy it just as much if it was a plug meet with the people here which I’m sure I remember y’all planning already

We all love the music just as much as the next, appreciate the creativity
It doesn’t mean we will agree with their methods all the time

Enjoy the friendships that can be attributed to their music and this place
Chill with those that go and chill with everyone you can afterwards in plug, here, on wa and even with the friendships you’ve forged in person
That’s the true celebration


:flushed::joy: that’s an interesting question…not sure but logic would dictate that no, this is supposed to be more never before seen footage

Ooooof wow…
Nice catch :grimacing:

It might be a different venue footage but it’s the same set list if I’m not mistaken
This one with the Q+A is from Vegas I believe they said somewhere

The one in the vinyl set idk haven’t found yet

From the first place I found mention, there’s this

Sounds off if it’s from 01 in the box set
@lplove saw mike unbox it so she might have a better idea

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Heyy thats your money… enjoy as you wanttttt :laughing::star_struck::money_mouth_face::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Maybe, the thought flashed across my mind earlier. Wouldn’t be surprised if it is indeed it.

We’re sharing opinions that you don’t have to like or agree with, it shouldn’t kill your excitement.


Unfortunately, nothing specific or exciting. :hugs::sparkling_heart:

“Following the Q&A is the world premiere of the never before seen Linkin Park performance from the Projekt Revolution 2002 tour closer in Las Vegas, NV.”

The unboxing doesn’t specify which show.


Good morning family :sunny::sunny: I see the variety of opinions about this upcoming event. god bless have the freedom of speech. Each has their own view on this global stream event and every opinion is right until it crosses the border of our code of conduct.

I like to see the wide variety of points you guys bring up and :tada::stuck_out_tongue: I light a candle for Fram @framos1792 and Rob @the_termin8r for their agreement on this :joy: :candle: :tada:

However: :partying_face::heart_eyes::balloon: For me it’s a biiiiig deal :tada: only the fact that they give a kinda interview all 5 together.:partying_face::heart_eyes: :man_dancing:t2:

And when I remember right, in the last phases of the lpu chats ( wasn’t it Rob who was the very last in the chat) however- we had to submit our q‘s before it took part.

I still haven’t understood where it takes part ( what plattform) but I really look forward to this gift :heart_eyes::gift::heart::rainbow: buying the ticket doesn’t take more than a second for me :joy::joy:

:blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: selfreward for me in a very stressy time, an hour ( acc to the setlist and the planned q&a before or after probably longer ) means a happy flow for me to suck in :rainbow::tada::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and that’s what I definitely need atm- it will charge my battery ( I already hear me singing :microphone:- so I didn’t consider it at all!! I bought the ticket and I’ll just enjoy this! :heart::heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:Happy you’re with me @anna834 :grin::kissing_heart::heart::hugs::hugs: :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


Lighting it to hope for a miracle that the forum survives us two(?) :sweat_smile:

As we’ve both said, this is what matters :blush:
Please infect @anna834 with your enthusiasm so the boys don’t mess with her excited mojo :crazy_face:


Hahaha lol :joy: forums will overcome us all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - it’s our heritage to the world Baaahahahaaaa :joy::joy::rofl::crazy_face::partying_face: and I’m proud of us :stuck_out_tongue::heart:


Hey all,

I know I’m the newbie here so don’t want to butt in - sorry if it seems I am.

I understand some of the points here, it does seem a bit steep/weird to charge for what appears to be a Q&A session and then a show stream. But I’m with @theearlywalker here.

For me, the reason I bought tickets with no hesitation is because I want to be close to the band. Literally at all costs. Mikes twitch feed has been an amazing experience during the pandemic to help me feel remotely sane and connected to live music.

I turned down tickets to see Linkin Park at their penultimate show before Chester died, in the O2 in London. It was 15mins from my house… I thought, its cool, I’m a bit busy… ill see them next time… its a regret I will take to my grave…

Now I will never miss a show!
Sorry for diving off on a personal route, but we are a loving family right?! :heart:

I’m just going to love to see them together, well, healthy, and with a spark of excitement to what may come I hope. :stuck_out_tongue:


If it gives you the happiness you deserve, then its the money well spent!

Enjoy the live Q&A for all of the soldiers here who purchased the ticket! :heart::heart::heart:

Have fun to y’all and share us the stories after! :star_struck::ok_hand::v:


That’s a shame you missed them at the 02. I’m still bummed their last gig was in Birmingham, my home town, and I wasn’t there because I live down south now. I don’t think anyone would tell others how to spend their money, it’s yours after all. The main issue for me is so many so-called LP fans criticised Grey Daze for cash grabbing by releasing different versions of the album, for releasing posters etc, just to make money. This is very much in the same vain. I made the point back then that the entire music industry is one big cash grab. Often, the band members don’t have a lot of choice in this. They don’t run the business, they just make the music. It’s unfortunate that LP would celebrate by charging fans yet more money after already releasing the 20th anniversary packages. We are still in a pandemic and many people have lost their livelihoods because of it so can’t afford to keep spending. I know some money is going to charity, but I would value them more if it all went to charity given how bad things are right now. They’ve made enough money off HT by now. I’ll never understand why rich people always want to be richer. I also hate this whole streaming rubbish. I’d rather a new single in HT style, with old Chester vocals. I’d buy that. :smile:


Wow, mixed feelings reading all this comments…
I entered this forum looking for a discount, and reading all of this almost made me change my mind about buying it.
Now I do think it is a little bit weird charging for a Q&A and a concert from, I don’t know, 2000, 2001…
But the point is… I had been a fan since back then, I went to all the shows I had the opportunity to (I’m brazlian), I still have strong fellings for the band, I still get a lump in my throut when I listen to some songs… So, why not be part of this!?
I probably won’t be able to watch it live, I’ll be at work. And, yes, probably someone will post it on YT a week later (won’t be me, by the way). But buying it will bring back that contentment of seeing all the band together one more time, all the excetiment of a new show… It will bring me joy…
So I guess I will buy it!!


I don’t add anything to the discussion now, everything’s being said, and now i’m just looking forward to it🙌

AGREE i mean how long did we miss Rob??? I’m so excited to see him, see them all together and it’ll be so much fuuuuuunnn aaah i can imagine them so well, how they’re gonna answer those questions together, talk in the group :sob::sob::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:
Waiting for friday gives me energy for this whole week​:v::v::v: