Presale and Ticket issues/FAQ **All threads merged here***

Oh man, that really sucks! Call the TM number? 1 (800) 653-8000? Somebody said that worked for them on another thread. Thing is, that Hollywood Bowl show may have sold out super fast. Cool venue, their home turf…

Can always try again on the other presale days…

Our pre-sale code is supposed to allow us to purchase up to four (4) tickets. Why am I only able to purchase two (2)? I need to take my whole family…

This is bad!

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It’s very bad. This whole process has been a big mess.

I think it’s ticketmasters that limited the number of tickets or maybe u can only buy two GA and two seating tickets. Cuz I can actually buy 6 tickets at where I am.

This whole presale is super disorganized and some people still don’t have a code

I was only able to buy 2 GA tickets. When I completed that purchase I went back to buy one more GA ticket and it wouldn’t accept my code for any tickets. :rage:

That’s exactly my concern. Per the instructions, it’s a “one-time” use code. Thus, it makes since that you can’t use your code again.

Not happy…

I was only able to get 2 tix as well… not happy about that. Also, you have to make your decisions so quickly that you don’t have time to really search your options. I ended up with the Battle Symphony Experience, but I don’t know what that includes, other than pretty good seats.

This was crazy. First thing that popped up was $285 tixs per person. I flipped out. I got 1 pit tix and am officially broke til Friday😖. This is a pre birthday present to myself. Might buy more tixs on Friday

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I was only able to get 1 pit ticket because they were sold out literally the second they went on sale! Super pissed!! Were there just that many people in group one?! Why was it almost impossible for me, an LPU member who came in 2nd place barely got 1 ticket. I thought the point of this entire thing was to make it easier to secure the tickets that you wanted…


I had the same issue though I only wanted good seats not ga
I don’t know how I got through but I chose 3 tix then the seats I wanted, the find tickets button wouldn’t highlight but out of frustration clicked the crap out of it and the ticket options for three came up
I have no clue but yeah still cost me some spots

I was able to use my code for 2 seated, 2 GA in separate transactions. (I bought the seated tickets first, FWIW)

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I don’t feel like the contest or being in LPU gave me much advantage to a better ticket. But I do feel like I’ve spend way more money and time than I would have needed to. Not to mention the stress


I went back in just now and was bale to get 2 more tix for a total of 4

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Yep, I was able to go back for my other two about five minutes ago. Looks like they belatedly fixed it…

I just got off the phone with Ticketmaster, the guy was able to add in one more pit ticket to my order. I’m happy now :slight_smile:

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As you said, they “belatedly” fixed the problem. This stall has not been a good overall experience for ALL!


Madness! Not a fan of this, at all.

If you use the Ticketmaster APP it gave the option for 4 tickets. I was only able to get two on the desktop but then jumped on the APP and was able to get two more and I saw it had the option for 4. What a mess…

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I have been an LPU member for more years that I care to admit, yet I’m in Group 2 for pre-sales. Why?

What confuses me, is that I’m number 49 for Bristow, but in group 2. So there’s only 48 people in Group 1, at most?