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GRRR. Only let me buy two GA and now I can’t buy anymore. Why is this so hard for LPU/Ticketmaster to figure out?

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Get GA! It’s the best. We will save spot for you.

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I thought we could get 4 tickets. I only see an option for 2.

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Same here!! Then I go back to buy one more because I wanted to buy three and it says I can’t use my code again. It specifically said on the website you can buy up to 4 tickets!! Why has this whole thing been such a mess?!

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I thought we would be able to get 4 tickets with code and got limited to 2?
Anyone get 4 tix?

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It’s because these entities can’t communicate. We fans get fucked.

Nope. And I went in to buy two more and got denied. Old LPU presales were way better than this shit.

Yes, there is a separate early entry line for LPU (or there always has been in the past). Honestly, it’s been a trainwreck over the years and I personally have kept order in the line for at least five shows. LPU doesn’t do it.

Yay got them for GA! Hope you can get your 4. This is so annoying

So I’m a LPU member but my husband is not, can he walk in with me or no?

mine is just keep saying “Sorry, there was an error with search.
Try again later.” what should I do :sob:

They fixed it…can now by my two others. Woo!

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Is that in PHX? Looks like they are still available…same in SD. Try a different browser or clear your cache and try again. TM likes Chrome quite a bit.

Sadly, no. It’s worth it to buy the laminate and LPU, in my opinion. Again, assuming they do early entry for all these! I don’t see that it has officially been announced…? If I missed it, please let me know!

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I was serious about hanging out, if you’d like. If you’d like to, feel free to send me a message on here (I think we can still do that?) and we can meet up. I’ve gone to a hundred shows at this venue so I have skill!

Talk to you later!


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Wow I definitely appreciate that! I don’t know how to message tho. But yeah would be fun to have people to hang there!!

I tried chrome, safari…still not working T^T

Oh man…maybe they actually sold out? What city?

Okay, I created this topic:

If you reply to it, whenever, I think I will get an email notification. So you can totally use that to contact me as it gets closer and if you are for sure coming.

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LA…I’m literally crying right now :sob::sob::sob: