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Hello everyone,

This morning I clicked on the presale link and it redirected me to I purchased a GA that costed me ~USD350 without hesitation even though no presale code was asked.

Just a few minutes ago, when I clicked on the link, it redirected me to Now a GA only costs around $125, which sounds more reasonable.

So my question is, my would my presale link redirect me to and did I pay an extra $200 for the GA?



This is what I’m getting, where do I supposed to put my code??

I’m trying to buy for Phoenix, as well and the presale isn’t up, yet. I suspect LPU/Strobe/Ticketmaster are having communication problems. Not really a surprise.

Thanks! Good to know I’m not alone

Hahah…they just trimmed 2 hours off of it! Now it starts at 10:00 our time, not 10:00 MST. But…I’ll keep checking because you never know…

Me too!! This whole thing is being a joke! Did you take my spot on the line? Are you one of the winners? Haha

Haha…I ended up number 23. Group one, so I’m happy. Probably wouldn’t be able to do a MG anyway.

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Well good luck getting the tickets. Are you going for floor? I wonder how much they are going to b

Yeah, GA. Honestly, it won’t be a problem getting them. Floor is all GA. That’s why I will pass on MG. I hope to have the fence and if you do MG you lose your spot.

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Makes sense, but I really wanted to meet them :frowning:

If you are an lpu member you can enter contest for m&g for your city. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll be selected though

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Oh, if you haven’t met them and you don’t care about not being right on the fence, totally sign up for the MG! They are pretty cool. I have my kids at PHX shows and one is still smallish so I can’t leave them and go to MG. That happened a couple of years ago…I got picked and had to say no. I wouldn’t mind missing Machine Gun Kelly, though (they do MG during the opening act).

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Oh, and I suspect GA will be the top of the price range, so $95 plus fees…probably $115 per ticket total.

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Actually, that might be something to keep in mind when you pick your tickets…if you are hoping for MG it might be better to have close seats on the side, unless someone can stay down in GA and save your spot. If you go out to MG you will be at the back of the GA when you come back. If you have seats, they will be there waiting for you.


I’ll definitely sign up! I’m from Brasil and I have been to one concert there, this is my first one since I moved here. Is the GA super crowded? How about you save my spot in case I get to MG? Lol JK my husband will attend to the concert with. Those prices are very decent I was expecting way more haha

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That’s what I’m doing! There are side seats pretty close to the stage bc the arena where they’ll be playing in my city is not that big

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Floor is pretty big in PHX (it’s a basketball arena, where the Suns play) but not futbol-sized. I suspect it will be sold-out on the floor but they don’t oversell so that it is super-packed. It will be cool.

If you want to meet up with us, we are totally cool saving you a spot! My wife and two kids will be there. I usually get to the venue about 2:00 PM for GA shows and she and the kids join me after school, around 4:30. Hopefully LPU will still be getting early entry, as well. One single person should be able to go out to MG and get back, especially if there is a group saving your place.

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Is there a separate line for lpu members?

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Okay they started the sale now I don’t know if I want the floor or no lol