Prague, PT tour 2019 March

Thanks for clarifying, it’s good to know :slight_smile:

I’ll be there too🙂

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I got my m&g confirmation mail. Can’t wait. I saw LP twice before, but never been to m&g. Does anyone know whats with photos. Will I have a chance to get photo with Mike or it’s only signing? I know i can’t take selfies, but there’s photographer, so would he take a photos of fans with Mike except the group photo? Thanks for answer and see ya there!


Hello I’m going. And can’t wait :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hi, is there any good parking place or parking house near the Forum Karlin ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, yes there are plenty along the streets. Just be careful, since the concert is on a tuesday, most parking spots will be taken by people working nearby.
Also, you’ll see some parking spaces with blue lines on them, this is for residents only, so do not park on them, you may get a fine.

I just had a look on Google Maps, and it seems there is a parking area not even 100 meters away from Forum Karlin (30 czk per hour)ín+parking+-+Thámova/@50.0914772,14.4535982,120m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x470b94a3ec07076f:0xa8d3402b4ef7c8a6!8m2!3d50.0916447!4d14.4531396

Congrats! :hugs:This means I didn’t win, again :sweat_smile:

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Thank’s ! We’ll probably go to that parking area.

One ticket is closer to the stage and the other ones are just standing so you can stand faaar away from stage… but the venue isnt that big so no biggie. :wink:

Hi, congrats to all, who were picked for meet and greet. Regarding flashmobs, we ( and Czech Linkin Park Ambassador) have issued an official “Flash mob plan” for the concert:


  1. Flash mob – Numb / Prague memories.
    When: Beginning of the concert.
    Singing Numb into the dark after the support act. Once Mike enters the stage, show the papers
    either with sign “Welcome back”, or with the picture of Prague. It will be a mix of them.
    Link for download (please print at home):!RizNp7TIeWqo/ms-beginning-rar

  2. Flash mob – Chester & Mike
    When: During the concert, after Waiting for the End / Where’d You Go.
    Once Mike finished his performance on Waiting for the End / Where’d You Go, the audience will raise
    up a paper with portrait of Chester or Mike (you can choose, which one you will print at home and
    bring it to the concert – it could be both of them) and start singing the main chorus of Leave Out All
    The Rest.
    Link for download (please print at home):

  3. Flash mob – Battle Symphony / Fuck depression
    When: End of the concert.
    Once Mike says goodbye after the last song, sing Battle Symphony and show a paper with “Fuck
    Depression, Happy birthday, Chester!” sign. Because it would be Chester’s birthday the next day after
    the show.
    Link for download (please print at home):

We would be glad if you also support these activities during the show :slight_smile:

See you there! :wink:

Ondřej (


Sorry I forgot to add download link for the third flashmob:

Link for download (please print at home):

Hello, is there going to be a pre-band? And if so, is it realistic to catch a train that is leaving few minutes before midnight?

Yes, a singer Lenny is going to play as a supporting artist.

I’m also going there by train, and there’s one leaving at 23:45. But it depends on where you wanna go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyone get M&G?

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No, did you guys?

thanks for the info, I was more worried about when the show ends so i dont have to leave early because Im also planning on taking a train just before midnight

If you see a weird loner tomorrow, please do come and say hi. I hate waiting alone, but I’m also very shy so I probably won’t talk first :slight_smile:


I’m nervous. I think I will be unable to talk to him at all. I will stand there, maybe crying. 32 years, married, pregnant. Lol. Please If someone is coming to meet and greet - come and talk to me. So nervous. Can’t wait for the show as well! See you guys there :heart:


Have a great time! :hugs:
Please share your experiences after the show. :))

You’re really somebody People need to meet !

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