Prague, PT tour 2019 March

Who is coming to Prague?:slight_smile:


I’ll be there.

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I’m coming!

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I will be there =)

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Does anyone know if there are any meetups scheduled? It’s the one date I’m going by myself and would love to meet people.

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Unfortunately I don’t have information about a possible meet up, but this would be fun!
So anyone who will receive info, please share. :))

I’m going too :heart_eyes:

And also this:


Oh that’s so great!! I hope we get to meet :slight_smile:

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Yes! :heart_eyes:

I’ll be there too :slight_smile:

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Do you guys know the venue at all? Like, is there space to wait outside for quite a while, things around to grab if we need and all that? Not sure how much time I’ll have the day before to actually check things out.

I’ve actually never been to the venue :grimacing:

I will be there :smile:

What time is everyone planning to start queuing?


Yees, I want to know, too. But for me it is almost doesn’t matter :frowning:
Probably all of you have tickets close to the stage, right? Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get that one, just the ‘general’.

Wait, were there different types of tickets?! The only ones available when I got mine (pre-sale) were standing or seating.

Yes, as for standing tickets there were 2 zones if I remember well.

Mine says “Stani u podia”. I assumed it’s general admission since the other one was seating.

I have ‘stáni’, so I will be far away :frowning::grimacing:

What’s the difference between the two? In the venue’s floorplan it doesn’t look like there are 2 sections or anything.