Prague, PT tour 2019 March

It is good point :smiley: I emailed the venue, but I probably misunderstood

Stání u pódia means standing by the podium :laughing:

I also have the cheaper ticket @rtfrks :roll_eyes:

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:frowning: :slight_smile:
What time are you planning to get there?

I have no idea :thinking: I’ve never been to any show…

@lpaniist I hope I bought the right ticket.

I’ll be there early anyway. Aiming for front row… are there any flash mobs or something planned?

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Yep, I posted this here few days ago :blush:

I wish I could too :purple_heart:

Btw how does it work? People stand in a queue so they can be close to the podium?

I will try and print the sign, thanks. Why not front row? Can’t queue too early?

Well, yeaah, it’s like 4 hours drive to Prague, I don’t think dad would want to set off at 5 am :grin:… And also I don’t have tickets for front row…

I still don’t understand what’s up with the tickets. How can you tell?

I thought you lived in Prague, sorry.

You have ‘stání u pódia’ (it was a bit more expensive and also sold out within first days) and I have ‘stání’…

Yes, but what’s the difference? Both are standing tickets, aka general admission.

I think there will be two separated sectors… :thinking: One closer to the stage

I hope not. Even so though, you can probably get in the front anyway, nobody controls these things.


That would be awesome :heart_eyes:

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Hey, actually I went to the same venue last year for another concert, and there was the same system with Stani u Podia and Stani. Actually, there are barriers in the middle of the venue. Those who are Stani u Podia gets a special bracelet when they scan your ticket. Only those who get the bracelet can have access in front of the stage. You have 2 security guys controlling… Sorry to ruin the fun :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope for the concert, it will be different, but no sure, since security is taken care by the venue and not the artist himself…

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Thanks for clarifying! :blush:
Also :sob::sob::sob::joy:

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Can you help me with this cheaper ticket what time is it okay to get in the line?

If you want to have a good spot, I would say 1 hour before the door opening.
It is kind of a big venue. But you don’t need to be first in line:slightly_smiling_face:
Usually people stops at the merchandising, go to the bar or to the cloak room

But I would say that 45 min / 1 hour is reasonable.

If you guys have any questions on the venue, I live in Prague and have been there several times, so don’t hesitate, I’ll try to answer all


Thank youuu :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you!
Ohh that’s good news, then I’ll have more time for Prague :grin:

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