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Oops I meant this one


Lol :joy: Next time we’ll join WoW too

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Lol sure WoW is free to play up til lvl 20. Find me at server Argent Dawn, horde faction 🧝🏾‍♀ :rofl:

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@gatsie whats your PC loadout and how unhappy was it dual running WOW and Plug?

Yesterday while running plug, WoW only crashed once and it was because I accidentally opened Photoshop to edit my screenshot :sweat_smile:.

Oh, I run most games from my external hard drive.

My current laptop is now +/- 5 years old;
Anus R510C, 17inch screen, i7core, 4GB RAM, internal harddisk of 500GB and an Nvidia GeForce GT 720M graphics card.

I am actually on the lookout for a new laptop:

That’s an even bigger bottleneck. USB from that time is slower than SATA. I was more interested in if your CPU/GPU were on the verge of exploding.

I’d be careful with the Taiwanese stuff. MSI aren’t known for their build quality. I’m also against gaming laptops.

My Asus gets to cool off for 5 days a week. I haven’t checked the CPU yesterday, though :see_no_evil:.

My internal harddisk was getting rather full, now that I moved my game files to the external drive it seems to be running better.

My brother actually got an MSI laptop since a few months. Of course all is great when a laptop is fresh from the box. I do want a strong laptop that I can torture just as much as my Asus, perhaps even more.

What would you suggest?

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If you’re that dead set on a gaming laptop, check out Dell’s G range, they tend to be good value-for-money budget-systems (The 3s don’t have the best build quality either though). I’ve heard good things about Lenovo’s Legion series. The problem with gaming laptops is that you’re paying a permium just because it has ‘gaming’ stamped on the box and because of the RGB.

My advice is to settle on a vague loadout and see which non-gaming laptops offer something similar and at what price. The only downside of the non-gaming ones is that the cooling might be slightly worse. Also, my advice is to buy the cheapest version of the CPU/GPU/Screen option you want and then upgrade the RAM and SSDs on your own (much cheaper that way).

I don’t want to spam up this thread, find me in the tech thread if you want to talk about this more.

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I’m on Plug DJ. After a long time. Someone to join? @anna834 @HakManLP @zanybelle @justinkilmer?


Still won’t work for me properly but I’ll listen! :slight_smile:

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Would love to. In an hour or so, still out with the sheep. :hugs:

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I might come by in about 15 mins.

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It’s glitching on me. Keeps kicking me and chat input isn’t working for me.


We gathered as much :laughing: this whole site is skewwiff! I can’t play anything.


Oh, so those did come through. :joy:

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@NickGr I’m off work still this week- I’ve a few appointments but mostly early afternoon- so late afternoon could fit for the whole week


So am I so the late afternoon is an only option :joy:

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Wednesday afternoon? 4 or 5 pm?!

Your time, right ? Not sure tbh

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Jup :blush:- fits with you?