Geek thread - Discuss IT stuff


Well, we’ve got Petrolheads thread(hey @the_termin8r), my/his/her/your/its/etc thread but we don’t have an IT geek thread for people to share their thoughts about new or just favourite devices, computers, apps/etc.
Probably there isn’t one as no one needs one but we’ll see… :see_no_evil:


So, IPhone X is released worldwide. I think this model is actually pretty retarded… nothing really unexpected like 3D Touch… and , speaking of the style, iPhone has lost its front panel style which was good. Plus here it costs ab 1500$. The phone has a few of perspective ideas though and it’s not that bad but still… (please note, this is Apple huge fan speaking lol)

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You know the funniest thing? I may well be doing electrical engineering but I don’t know all that much about PCs (in terms of specs that people get hyped about); I know a bit but not much. Probably because it doesn’t really interest me that much.


I’ve mentioned you cause i’ve mentioned your thread and this one is pretty much alike but with IT stuff instead of cars :3

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I know. I’ll post here occasionally.

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My friend is planning to buy it! :joy:

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AMD or Nvidia?


I used to study IT, but it was too difficult so I quit :smile:

Speaking about the new iPhone, I don’t even bother to look up what’s new anymore. At this point the rate at which new smartphone models are being released just annoys me


This. I just don’t care anymore. I stopped caring after like the iphone 4. Last week I was under the impression that samsung had reached the S9. Turns out they’re on 8 which isn’t too far off.


NVIDIA. Always.


NVIDIA all the way.

As for iphone…not a fan, love my Samsung S8, but before that was a Sony Xperia fan - i love how they do compact phones without compromising on tech, and the battery life was amazing…unlike everyone else, who think compact means go budget on tech.


Oh man, BT stuff is killing me sometimes… especially when every Bluetooth device needs to charge at the same time and you’ve got only one cable :expressionless:


Yeah, Sony Xperia phones are cool, but the screen size… isn’t for my hands :see_no_evil:


So - here’s a hilarious trick to play on yourself (or others) - turn off the notification on ‘dialer’. When your phone rings - it rings - but you can’t answer it… (that had me going for 3 days till I figured it out…)

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I just got my Samsung galaxy s 8 too i had the 6 edge . I love the 8 better. I never like the I phone at all.

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Surrounded but not defeated, the Apple fan (me :joy:)


OK - MAC osx or Windows?

I’m MAC - love my mac, wish I could use my mac at work

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Never used Mac and probably never will. I’m so used to Windows and I barely have problems with it


I hate the MAC UI so badly. In fact I just hate Apple UI on any of their devices.


I think I just like how my mac never crashes…ever.
But it’s OK - I can live in a thread full of windows…