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Sounds like a typical Plug meet :laughing:

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This one was next level. I posted a vid in the WA chat of the problems I was having. Forward and back on chrome seem to act as next/previous track buttons, except it plays the song over whatever is already being played and you’re the only one who hears the jumbled songs.

Oh wow, quite the glitch galore party it was then :sweat_smile:

I’m in :tada: :dancer:

@the_termin8r @LP13413 @rickvanmeijel @gatsie @jabinquaken @anngelenee @NickGr @drounzer @justinkilmer @raz7
Some random tagging, when you’re not in it, you are still invited :hugs:


Can’t make it tonight, but have fun!

Now idea if punctually at 8 but for sure I’ll drop in to steal your music because my plug playlist seems to boring and short sińce youtube sucks.

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I’ll see if I can make it, no promises.

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I’m crashing the party…lol

Hey @hybridkarl would be happy to meet you on plugdj :upside_down_face: :hugs:

Just saw, you are from India. Then it is really late for you :grimacing: but it’s worth staying up :partying_face: :joy:

On the contrary its 4:30 in the evening just had my yea…

But the meet is at 8pm MEST.
That’s 11:30 in the night your time.

Ohhk i’l try to make it another time.

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:expressionless::expressionless: I’ve issues logging in …glitchy app

Its just Anna and Anna :joy:

@jrtrussell run :triumph: :crazy_face:

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:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:- bad luck … enjoy and have fun guys

Sorry :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :green_heart:

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Tonight if ya’all have the time and the motivation, we would like to plug in to celebrate Chester’s life and maybe provide some moral support to fellow LP-fans.

Plug can be accessed via this link:

What time we gather? Let’s say +/- 20:00 CET?

Robot Boy is already waiting for you to join the plug so feel free to hop in whenever possible :slight_smile:

Tried tagging people here, sorry if I missed someone:
@theearlywalker @jabinquaken @rickvanmeijel @intheend @Honey8 @lpfan61 @LP13413 @jFar920 @framos1792


We’re online, feel free to join :smiley: