"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!

Finally listening to the full album in its original order!

Even tho this isn’t the same linkin park as hybrid theory, I like this album. To be honest I felt some of old LP songs are a bit poppy already (in the end, leave out all the rest, shadow of the day, waiting for the end…etc) or should I consider them in the pop/rock genre. I don’t think the genre of the songs matters to me as long as I enjoy listening to them. (I listen to all sort of music from screamo to country to edm).

Songs I like most from this album:
-talking to myself
-good goodbye
-one more light
-sharp edges

I like how this album I hear more mike and Chester’s real singing voices. I really do enjoy Chester’s non screaming voice like when he sang “the morning after” (the acoustic version) and “let down”

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@tenkaichi Continuing off that, they are unrelated subjects for the most part. I just know from experience that people will try their hardest to post and get access to leaked material when it comes out

That was about @LP13413, who probably isn’t going to step an inch in this topic until he gets his CD in the mail and listens personally, so he won’t see this notification for a bit. But if I had to pick anyone else that is currently still active on the site that deserves being a moderator, it’s him.

But this is all off topic. I got my digital download and I’m going to finally give the album a listen myself

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Top 5 tracks off OML:
1)Talking To Myself
2)Good Goodbye
3)One More Light
4)Battle Symphony
5) Sorry For Now
Well, it’s grew on me and I like 3/4 of the songs


All new songs have been uploaded to YouTube now. I love these photos / artwork


The photo used on Halfway Right was taken by Mike if Im not wrong

As I listen more and more I keep thinking they explored the genre and chose the songs for their kids personally, like a tribute to who they were as a band but thinking this might appeal more to who their kids may be or idk
Sharp edges, nobody can save me, halfway right, invisible, and sorry for now I see being written for them

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I saw @samuel_the_leader’s post and thought it was appropriate to have here too,
much respect…

Just finished listening to the album. First impressions were better than expected.

I cleaned up the main post for the album’s release. I tried to add a poll to see what everyone’s favorite song is so far, but the forum apparently doesn’t let you do that after 5 minutes of making the topic (and since this topic is a year old…)

What is everyone’s favorite song on the album?

  • Nobody Can Save Me
  • Good Goodbye
  • Talking to Myself
  • Battle Symphony
  • Invisible
  • Heavy
  • Sorry for Now
  • Halfway Right
  • One More Light
  • Sharp Edges

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Why haven’t you voted?

I’ve only given some of the songs one listen and it’s nearly 4am, so I’m not yet decided on a favorite yet, but I’m sure some people are, especially those who listened to the album early


When Heavy was out I was about to skip the album
Ended up being totally obsessed with it. Listened to OML, Talking To Myself, Invisible , Good Goodbye and Sorry For Now for 5 times already :sweat_smile:


Seriously… I am more hyped for Papa Roach’s Crooked Teeth right now. Just the list of songs on that album alone feels more satisfying; 13 tracks along with 16 live tracks. And then there’s One More Light, with 10 songs, of which 4 I already dislike…

B.O.T.S: OML League coming soon

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Ok, One More Light as a song is just awesome. The live performance dedicated to Chris Cornell just made me cry. It’s been a while since LP made me cry. It doesn’t happen often.

Damn, Delson’s guitar skills in One More Light is awesome too btw.

Damn. I need a cigarette.


I listened to it. It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I’m actually surprised.

It’s definitely very different from what they’ve done in the past, musically it’s uninteresting to me but those lyrics, damn! I don’t know what the hell they went through the last 2 years to make them write stuff like this but it is definitely a very personal record. I appreciate them for doing this, not every band is capable of putting stuff like that out.

I have a feeling the songs are going to sound way better live than they do on the album, I’m curious to find out in the following months. In general, I’d give the album a 4,5-5/10 for the effort. I’m still proud of them for stepping out of their comfort zone and doing what their hearts told them to, it’s something I’ll always appreciate about them; not being afraid to risk everything and say f*ck you to whoever judges them for doing that.

Hightlights of the album for me are Mike’s vocals (I find them exceptional, especially on Sorry For Now) and the songs that stood out to me are Invisible, One More Light and Battle Symphony (Good Goodbye was nice too).


Wrote my review and posted it in a new thread so I can get better feedback. Sorry if this bothers anyone!
I’ll give a brief rundown here:
Overuse of trap beats, great keyboard work, great melodic composition, great lyrics, guitars missing, drops annoying, pitch-shifted vocals unnecessary.
Rating: 6.5/10

Too much respect? Yup, cuz quite recently I ended up flagged so many times.

OMG!!! OML is out I am sooooooooooooooo happy right now.

So I just want to know who is happy about that Please tell me because I want to know.:slight_smile::blush:

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