"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!

That’s so weird that I got it in the mail today though how is that even possible ?

Actually many other people did too, so yeah…

Since it was a preorder, they attempt to ship it beforehand so people receive it the day it comes out
Once it’s in shipper’s hands it’s up to them when they deliver it
Some people have gotten it even sooner whereas I was told it will arrive by end of day tomorrow

Sorry to hear that good luck. Wonder what time it will officially come out and if we see anymore music videos

Ok it’s cool
It’s in a few places already so not missing out :grin:
What have you thought of it?

It is amazing and it just now came out on iTunes One More Light is my favorite song than sorry for now

I keep checking out their YouTube just in case they upload something tonight

Just got my digital download email, check your email!

So I came home from school today and found out I received my copy of One More Light a full day before it supposed to come out. I’m finding this very odd. This happened to any of you guys? I pre-ordered it off of Amazon but was not supposed to get it till May 19. PS some of the songs sound amazing I think you guys would like it.

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Please post something like this under oml thread as it pertains and others have mentioned on that thread

@jFar920, now I can bug you as the moderator :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Congrats :grin:

@jFar920 I knew something was up when you were acting all strict and serious Dad on us the other day. How’d you get the mod status?

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They uploaded the album on YT too. Nice change in thumbnails. Sorry for Now’s the best.


Oh that was just his parental instinct kicking in making sure you were in line bahaha
He was just promoted today so It was a premature policing on his part anyway

Weren’t you saying you saw him filling in when you were gone? Are you leaving?! :anguished:

Negative :slight_smile:

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I hope i get the album today…if i don’t pre-ordered the album, i had buy it on Wednesday (!) in an electronic market :disappointed_relieved: 2days before it comes out…but i’m waiting for my pre-orderd album ^^"

One question, what happened to chesters voice? I had the feeling it’s getting a bit worse? When i see the live performances at facebook, i wondered. When i hear other old live performances, his voice is better,sounds more comfortable? (Live album,videos on yt) or did i get something wrong? :cold_sweat:
Sorry i can’t describe this good, my english isn’t the best :sweat:

"When we sit in a room together, writing a song, the rest of the world often disappears. We’ll do whatever it takes in service of the music. The six of us are avid listeners and have a lot of opinions. From brainstorms to arguments, wild experiments to meticulous details, we focus an intense amount of energy into each song.
We often compare our process to digging a tunnel. We go underground for months at a time, thrashing around in the dark, looking for something new and unexpected. We have our ideas about where we’re going, but usually, there’s really no telling where we’ll end up until we get there.
One More Light took over a year to make. Each song started with the question, “what do we want to sing about today?” In starting with the content of each song, the album became anchored by our stories. Over the course of the year, our lives took twists and turns, for better and worse. More than ever, the content of our album was shaped by the content of our lives.
And as we “dug the tunnel” of this album, life kept happening. There were celebrations, mistakes, accidents, recoveries. Relationships began and ended; babies were born and people died. We were reminded that, while we’re at the mercy of the world around us, sometimes the only thing we have control over is our reaction.
In a sense, this became the light at the end of our tunnel.
In putting the words first, this album opened its doors to the world outside. One More Light is full of personal stories, and perspectives we’re still figuring out. We dug through our lives as friends, fathers, brothers, and bandmates. Each song is a snapshot in time, crafted with care, shared with the hope that someone listening will find themselves saying, “me too.”

To us, listening is an act of generosity. Thank you for your generosity, and thank you for being part of the Linkin Park community. Welcome to One More Light. "

Brad, Chester, Dave, Joe, Mike, and Rob


Sorry For Now —> Halfway Right —> One More Light.

My favorite consecutive trio of this album. These songs are phenomenal.


True. I got consecutive chills on these three and got tears in my eyes on two.