"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!

Whatever it is, we’re not gonna have Pat here any time soon. I remembered she was angry about the whole "Ein Mehr Leech- uhm I mean “Ein Mehr Licht” Debacle.

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I don’t like to be in people business, but why?

Why has “invisible” disappeared from my itunes :confused: How do I get it back?

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Maybe the track is ‘Invisible’


I meant: much respect.
As in I was showing respect. Forgot a comma but just went back and fixed it, hope you didn’t think I was saying crap.
As to the flagging, I haven’t flagged a single post on this site

Oh, also when I linked your post to here I just meant to copy it to here so others could see it because I thought it was pretty cool

Most of the songs here are not in Apple Music, so i have to search the service for a pre-release version. There’s something wrong with it technically( i think, because there’re two versions on the servers; pre-release and release one, so your device choose the release one) Gotta wait till they fix it

I’ve made some… mm… posters? with my favorite OML songs

Click for images

UPD: forgot one)

Edit by @jFar920: Condensed images to a drop down menu to save space


These are so awesome, I want to share them on my sad excuse for a tumblr wall.

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Thank you!)

Sure, do anything you like!

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LP also released some vk.com stickers
So this is how most of my dialogues look like today :joy:

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Where did you get those??

Not you, but other people, this year it happens more pettily for some reason.

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It’s back now!

Yup! Same here, seems to be fixed:)

Using the link in LP official vk.com community(there’s also a bot that requires you to add OML to your music section and gives you the stickers for free)

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(Ever since vk required ppl to sign in to listen to uploaded mp3s, I’ve been logging in under a pseudonym :P)

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and now it requires you to pay for music…
Damn you, Mail.ru company
So i don’t update my mobile app and have the music, lol

No, I was referring to vk, whereby other people upload mp3s.

The music section? it’s been redesigned recently and now they say it will be a paid streaming service(and it seems that all ppl-uploaded tracks are going to disappear)

No, I mean the- wait you mean all the live tracks and obscure music (including demos, acapella, instrumentals, etc) that ppl upload would be gone? (I know the copyrighted tracks are taken down very quickly.)

At least, there was an info of turning the music section into a streaming service(but for now you still can upload tracks)