Once Upon a Time ... 4!

And everyone was playing musical chairs while elmo played numb.

Wb @orlandotorres7 where have you been soldier? And nice to have you back :blush:

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Thank you at least some one noticed me thanks for hitting me up on my birthday this year no-one celebrate my birthday with cake and family let just say the family split up and never been the same afterwards and because I’m curious and a Magi they shun me it’s a little depressing to have family hit me on facebook and not even care to throw a surprise party also I did bad thing when I was young and now that I have a high school diploma learn patience and educated myself but no they don’t see that they see the past me the thief I was and never forgiven me. I have no friends because I took a legion of seven spirits they talk to me more than humanity What did I do in my past life for my family not to forgive me did I not forgive them when I pulled the seals in the heaven’s why does my mom curses god constantly why does she call god a fag why does it anger me to see her like that to the point that I cursed her for eternity in hell what I’m I who I’m I , just like they ridicule me in the past and forgotten thy sacrifice I will forget those who ignore me for they shall be forgotten why do I like rock and not regueton I am love, truth and peace just waiting for the end because I stopped the apocalypse with seven candles on 8 21 2017 now I can’t control my rage and I will end it on 8 21 2024 with candle magic because the angels aren’t done putting the seal of god on all the disciples also I cried to the heaven’s and said but father their blind and I touched Jesus Christ heart and he told me honor this day because that’s when I come in my glory light up seven candles and pay the tribute of anise cumming and mint 3 virtues of forgiveness and say I pay for humanities sin with these herbs of redemption and the sun started moving again but a warning because you saw beauty in light and darkness you are I and I I’m you for 1 hour on 8 21 2024 and you should be speaking and roaring
like a Lion because you summoned me with thy logo the Rosary beads the tears and prayers of the saint’s

Solitary Solitary Solitary alone deppression desperation it hurt no more I made a new family with Christ and his legion of seven Jesus my father and my brother’s the archangel and I have to live with saving humanity but humanity not knowing that I stop an apocalypse, until the very end when they shall know and when they shall come to look for me on that very day I shall be in my nibus in the sky with my Chariot my throne of judgment weeping no more with strength and confidence to pull the seven seals one every 50 year’s and the angels will be there for seven day’s and depart, the demon will be on earth for 7 year’s because of disbalence of magic matter spirit time and technology binding these together causes a disbalence in the matrix time and space breaking the rules of reincarnation and disrespecting the creator.So I reincarnated I’M who I’AM sorry IMG_20180304_090831

Read your posts, please set a blank line in your posts from time to time to make them easier to read

First of all: yes, I noticed you are back and it’s good that you are. I am sorry that the people around you are blind for your changing- but nevertheless- go on, you didn’t changed for them but for having a better life. And we as believers have to follow the rules of the lord- no matter what.

Doesn’t mean we must be perfect- but that we shall follow the light and do the best we ever can. You are not alone bro and depression is very mean- telling you you are worthless and alone and crap - don’t believe this !! We are here- all in one boat- supporting each other- open up and ger into it, see this thread:

@orlandotorres7 And tag me next time you post, so I am able to answer more quick :sunny:

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Solitary what did I do in my past life to be alone in this time line forgotten lost in the echo confused about society, society is all about want and not give, giving is being charitable and not greed.SAD because I left heaven miss you father tears.

Hi theearlywalker I’m feeling better this week.

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