Once Upon a Time ... 4!

Almost a year ago we did this game and it was pure fun!
So, I’m quoting @gatsie

let’s play another game. Or better yet, let’s write a story together! Everyone can add a word or a short sentence. I’m curious to see/read where it’ll go. Alright, here goes:

Once upon a time, there was a…

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strange something from a distant place that seemed far away but wasn’t that far away.

[@dominiquemeza: Wow thanks for making this follow-up thread! Had no idea people actually enjoyed reading those random weird stories in here :stuck_out_tongue: ]

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very nice :xmaxtree:
:joy: what will @amitrish and @samuel_the_leader think about it??? or maybe some very new writers?

“strange something from a distant place that seemed far away but wasn’t that far away.” first line this?

… we consider far NOT as real life distance In This Case, dear reader :smiley:

There was a wonderful castle full of dreams


on the top of a mountain that reached high into the clouds.

One day, somebody fell from the very top of the castle…

(OT: Who asked him to reboot this? :angry:)

The body splatters as it hits the ground and a black fog appears suddenly, as…

… as the volcano under the castle in the sky erupts :volcano:

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There was a little boy sitting high in a tree who saw this all happen, his name was

Nawid… he was three feed tall and his nose seems to wanna became a curcumber in a former life, yes, even curcumbers have former lifes…

With his cucumber nose, Nawid could smell the smoke from the erupting volcano under the castle in the sky.

then he decided to go and find the volcano…

hi snshine @yolo5494 :grin:where have yo been???

on topic
Nawid suddenly feels his nose turning left with all its cucumber power,so he turned right…

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And that is when suddenly he stood eye to eye with a giant bird.

“hey cucumbernose…todays ya lucky day!”

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“wh-ho oo who are you?! what the hell are you?!” Nawid said PETRIFIED.

Just when the big yellow bird wanted to introduce itself, their conversation was disrupted by the the erupting volcano launching stones of fire and of of the fire stones landed right behind Nawid’s feet.

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that yellow bird that seemed so friendly ran away. Nawid haven’t seen where did it go. So he’d stood up and went down the road, he quickly found himself in front of a road splitting up. A strange and big stone was in front of him. It had some letters on it: those were in Cyrillic.

Nawid couldn’t read, so the signs on the stone just confused him and so he just decided to walk forward.