Numb, 1 Billion Views?


I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way, but what’s the point in doing all of this? You spam view a video to get it to x views, but for what reason? Is it supposed to prove something? This is the main reason why I’m not joining in, I don’t see the bigger picture here.


It’s a way to honor Chester and show that he is also always loved. For me personally as well, if it gives them encouragement or just makes them smile it makes it all worth it. It’s to remind them that they are not forgotten, still loved and will always be supported.


But doesn’t purposfully spaming to the end goal make it a kind of hollow victory?


I know what you mean. But I think that it just shows that we will support them, even if it means playing a song over and over again (no pun intended :joy: ). And I think they need to know that now. Same with the radio station requests and stuff. As I said, as long as it makes them smile! And plus it shows the fans’ dedication

EDIT: Also just thought I would clarify, that just because people don’t take part doesn’t mean they are not dedicated. Everyone has their own way of showing dedication


Well said @AJ_7!
As LP currently aren’t touring (& we don’t know what the future holds) and most of us have brought all the LP albums, watching LP videos on YouTube is one way for fans to support the guys publicly.


Plus, their videos deserve the amount of recognition as today’s pop music. I agree with you @AJ_7 and @moocho


there’s ntohing to add - well said :metal:t2::heart:


It’s been confirmed. We are doing In The End, One More Light, Make It Up As I Go and Running From My Shadow from the latest poll on the Facebook Group


First two should be easy, but the PT songs might take a while lol

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I agree with you. Also, if you do back to back such projects, it loses its steam. Even ITE & OML may not cover the distance with the same speed and enthusiasm. I will support ITE though.


In the end is at 654 444 125 views last I checked
One more light is at 118 097 459 views

The pt ones have a long way

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ITE is good

but OML to the billion might be very difficult. I would have choosen an older song.

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I’m a bit late, but well done guys for Numb! :grin::hugs:


We have got a good chance with In The End :smiley: might take a while, but we will get there


I would say because In The End has got more views now than when we started with Numb, it would take us a shorter amount of time. I would say by August/September next year.


Yeah sounds like a plan :smiley:


How is it going guys? How many views has ITE today- 2 month later?

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711,911,150 views for In the End.


Guys, if you are on any type of social media, please share my group with the link below. We need as many people as we can.


713,773,966 views on In The End