My/her/his/your phone

This thread is about your/my/his/her phone. Ask questions about the other persons phone such as what is their background pic, last thing they googled, what’s their favorite app and etc.

Don’t get to personal and ask the person their phone number.

And if others want to share their stuff even though someone else answered first, just quote the answe and reply.

I’ve always been fascinated by what people do/what there phone looks like.


What is your phone background?

Mines is still the standard space background, I haven’t found a background to replace it.

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Ahhhh!!! Yes!! Perfect timing! I want to change my lock and home screens so I’m open to suggestions. Currently they look like this:


My background is the same as my home screen and lock screen

@EvoOba now you have to ask the question.

What games do you have on your phone?

I only have five: injustice, draw something, draw mania, letter and gummy drop.

What is your favorite app?

Ratchet and Clank Before the nexus. And a sound effect button app (though that’s debatable as a game)

Here’s my lock screen (I’ve got 3 sections to it):


Music (quick access):


My home screen (I’ve got it in permanent landscape - the habit of a gamer who’s used to holding a remote or a psp :stuck_out_tongue:)

My menu screen:

None, because they are all rubbish and never work properly

How much music do you have on your phone?

OT: I can’t believe I’m in this thread. I’m like the only teenager who wants nothing to do with phones lol.

1.224 songs. But if you count Spotify I basically have all my music.

Which messaging apps do you use/have used? For me WhatsApp is the best. Viber is annoying and Messenger is ok.

I use whatsapp because I’m on pay as you go.

What does your phone look like?

My music is threw Dropbox … As of right now I have 75 songs

And yeah, I’m not big on being glued to a phone but i write a lot and I’m always listening to music so it’s better than my old crappy phone.

@the_termin8r1 How did you get your lock screens to look like that? I have an iPhone 6, it’s stormy gray.

@EvoOba I the what’s up app but now if I message ppl it’s from Instagram or iMessage.

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Plain old black iPhone 4.

Haven’t tried IG but iMessage is not available in my country. (I wish it was, I got to use it when I was in London and it’s great!)

If you have games…What is the toughest game you have?

It’s some kind of app or something I think. It’s called go locker but I think it’s android only. Also, it doesn’t prevent my phone from being unlocked. You just have to rapidly flick down the top frame, hit the settings button, them the center button on the phone and you’re in.

…you are a robot :expressionless:


Also, I forgot to mention that the input delay on the number keypad on the lock screen is horrendous.

how often does your phone go wrong?

Meaning your a robot in real life…

When I first got it there were some problems… One time it cut off by itself… Or when Safari stopped working…

QUESTION: aside from your browser what app are you always using?

My answer: Google docs

Ha! That’s nothing. Almost all apps that I’ve had have cut out. It once got stuck in a boot loop even if I took the battery out and put it back in. Just last week I had half my screen in the vertical position and half in the horizontal position and the whole thing was flickering as if I’d hit it with a hammer and wherever I touched the screen the phone would register the touch 3cm to the left of where I touched it. Then I had to take the battery out and put it back in only to find that when it booted back it had 14% battery (not the 50% it said it had before I took it out not a minute ago).

I never use my browser. The only app I do occasionally use is whatsapp

Do you have any aftermarket accessories?

Though my phone is really old, I’ve never had any major problems. It rarely crashes or freezes or anything. Aside from the home button not working properly (you gotta press harder on the left of it for it to work) and a really bad camera, it works perfectly fine.

Tweetbot (Twitter app, much much better than the official app) and Instagram.

I haven’t needed anything yet. lol

Do you have a case for your phone? If yes, what does it look like?

Used to but it got too annoying. I used to have the official flip one

It looks like this but with a black plastic case