All their work is awesome (well, except The Resistance). Seeing them at The O2 London this Friday, so pumped!

This band is one of my favorite groups…love “Starlight” or “Time is running out”!!!

i love muse ! o

My best friend loves Muse the way I love LP, so she plays them for me all the time. What I’ve heard I like. They’re interesting.

Well, Friday night at The O2 was epic!

I wanna see them live.

I like MUSE. “The 2nd law” - very good album. Next week I’ll see them live :smiley:

Seeing them tomorrow night. Saw them the last time they were in the U.S. and it is amazing how late they came to this country. Maybe it’s typical for a UK band, I don’t know (I migrated here 10 year ago). They are musically amazing. It’s completely different to Linkin Park though, as it should be. LP have twice as many people to watch and Muse make up for it with their stage art direction and diverse musical range for only 3 dudes.

Muse is awesome :smiley:

going to see them live in June. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

I also really like Muse - both old and new stuff, but I think the new stuff is really interesting… so much fun listening to it ;D

I have their newest album, and it’s completely awesome! :smiley:

Muse may be my second favorite band actually. Origin of Symmetry and Absolution are phenomenal, The Resistance is interesting, and The 2nd Law is really good (especially Supremacy, Panic Station, Big Freeze, and Unsustainable, say what you will about its faux-dubstep but I think it’s unique and just works as a song).

Not a fan,but I like Hysteria,Supermassive Black Hole and Bliss.

They’re really good, like them. Have only one Album “The 2nd Law”. When i had time and the money i’ll try to see them live.

Muse is my 3rd favorite band. I found it funny that LP’s Burn It Down was the NBA song last year and now Muse’s Madness is the new NBA song.

Saw them live at Leeds festival, and EPIC is an understatement. They are amazing.

They just did the Brits a few days ago, and were apprently told to cut down on the pyro’s, which watching their performance is hilarious


I saw the livestream of the WARCHILD show on Youtube last week and they were just awesome!
A friend introduced me to their material only a month ago…

I absolutely love Muse! I’ve seen them live twice on The Resistance and The 2nd Law tours, they always put on an awesome grandiose show

Funny group)) If the mood is good positive, then can listen)[wink]