love them!

i love Muse! wish they would tour with LP someday :slight_smile:

My ultimate dream would be for Muse and Linkin Park to tour together. My life would pretty much be complete.

Oh dear lord that would be incredible. If that could happen someday, I would flip my shit.

Muse is incredible. Really discovered them in late 2010. Instantly fell in love with them. The fact that Linkin Park and Muse will be touring in the US just a few months between each other next year makes me so excited I can’t handle it. :3

Its great band - which has a lot of amazing songs …
I like more Linkin Park but somethimes i listen to Muse also ))))
Feeling good…Uprising…Time is running out …Host… Supermassive Black Hole…Amazing songs…)))

i honestly can’t believe i’ll be finally seeying them in december! They were really high on my list with bands i really want to see live. And that they are so fucking good live is already a plus.

I love, love, LOVE Muse! They’re my second favorite band, right after LP. :slight_smile:

I saw them live in Denmark both in 2009 and 2010, and I’ve been a fan since I saw their “Starlight” music video sometime back in 2006.

Oh and the news about a new album coming out in September was the best news! I’ve pre-registred for a ticket to their show at Malmö Arena in December. Would’ve loved to see them at the O2 in London as well, but they’re playing on the last weekend of October - a weekend always reserved for an annual event I attend (same thing happened with LP in 2010 sigh), so I’ll have to settle with Malmö. :wink:

I do not like Muse. That’s not to like me and all[sad]

Tell us what you like this band?[neutral]

Not a big fan of them, especially after last album & this dubstep trailer for a new one.
But they got some cool songs off the earlier albums. Like starlight, yea, that definitely my favorite Muse song!

Muse were pretty cool. They did some really awesome stuff. Then they started getting up themselves. There hardcore fan base are pretty much the same too.

The song for the Olympics is terrible. And Dubstep on the trailer for there new album that is just a bunch of stock footage with the band trying to say look at how epic we are? No thanks!

I am very much into alternative rock, and I think Muse knows how to make good music in that genre. Sure, their style changes from album to album, but the same applies to LP.

Not all music has to be hard core rock, and I honestly have a hard time going through their first album, Showbiz. With Origins of Symmetry, things got better and Black Holes and Revelations is my favorite. I also really love the Resistance. Matt Belamy has a great singing voice, so even though lots of their songs are more or less conspiracy themed, I still love their music style! :slight_smile:

The Olympic Theme Song was weird at first, and still is, but it’s grown on me and I’m starting to really like it. It’s one of the most crazies songs they’ve ever made according to themselves, so I don’t fear what’s to come on their upcoming album. :wink:

I’m not a big fan of Muse, but I like their music

They’re very talented, i love Starlight!!! :smiley:

i want to reconcile the violence in your hearrrrrrt. i love them:D

oh yes!! I love Muse!! I’ve seen them live last year, absolutely a m a z i n g!

Their new album “The 2nd Law” is… interesting. I think I like it, but I haven’t listened to it enough yet to really give an honest opinion. I think it’s very mixed, there are some “The Resistance” elements in it, but also a little bit of “Origin of Symmetry” and “Black Holes and Revelations”.

So far Madness is my favorite, but The 2nd Law: Isolated System is great too, reminds me a lot of their Exogenesis tracks on “The Resistance”, and I also like Panic Station and Supremacy. :slight_smile:

I do love their older stuff much more and I wasn’t happy with The Resistance. I would appreciate, if Muse stop trying to sound like Queen [rolleyes]. But The 2nd Law sounds more familiar to me. Before I can say if I like the new album, I have to spent more time with it.

I really want to see Muse live one day, because live they certainly are a bomb!!!

Don’t miss that 2012 Muse show on Youtube

The 2nd Law is really amazing, they made a “natural” dubstep.

I have Exo Politics as my ringtone :smiley: