Who here thinks they are amazing? I cannot wait to hear their new material sometime soon!

i LOVE muse!!

I HATE at 100% their last album “Resistance” because it’s got nothing to do with their former awesome way to make music :confused: I’m so disappointed, but can’t wait for new material anyway to kind of cheer me up :wink:

LOVE Muse :slight_smile:

MUSE is love!!!

I love Muse and rather enjoyed their last album, Undisclosed Desires is fantastic

All their albums are cool, but for me Absolution is awesome)

Not a Fan …

Not a fan, but like Bliss, Hysteria and Hoodo ))

I like Muse too! All their old albums were great. But The Restistance is… how can I describe… it sounds too normal to me. Like ordinary radio music. Hope Muse will get back to write unique songs in the future.

You’re definitely right. There’s nothing new, original or innovative. I’ve got the feeling that they just recorded 11 tracks on “Resistance” because it’s the minimum requested for a CD. Nothing to do with the typically Muse sound. Even if I know it’s good to change —LP proved it to us— they should have made something else than kind of an opera or symphony. Sorry, it’s not my liking [rolleyes]

They’re great. One of the few bands I still need to see live. So I can’t wait to hear their new material!

I love Muse! I think they make unique and amazing music :slight_smile:

I love them!! I discovered them some years ago, and a good friend of mine (who I met in a LP forum… :slight_smile: ) showed me everything about them. Thanks to her, I lived two incredible concerts (and I hope there’ll be more).
I can’t wait to listen their new album either!

Not that kind of band I listen to very often in my earphones, but I’d definitely check them out live. They are amazing.

I think they were better than they are doing right now

Like Muse very much, can’t wait to see them live.

Great band! Love them since I heard “Bliss” on MTV|2 :slight_smile: Finally I was able to see them life at Coke Live Music Festival 2010

Pretty EPIC band :slight_smile: Havent seen them live yet though :frowning:

[quote=Nastya_Kolesnikova]All their albums are cool, but for me Absolution is awesome)[/quote]100% agree. This album saved my life in some sense… it was in a few weeks before A Thousand Suns comes out… I’ll never forget it and that album.