Mike live in Amsterdam - March 21


5 and 7 am in the morning. 12am is later than 5 and 7am. 12pm is night


No, 12am is midnight, 12pm is noon.

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12 pm then lol. Anyways its said in the post from the venue 12 in the afternoon when you may start queuing


I’m going too! :smiley:


Great, and by the way, welcome to the LPU forum! :grin:

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I have ticket but coming from UK


How big is the venue ???


The venue Mike will be playing has a 6000 capacity. But it’s not sold out. It isn’t super big and you have a pretty good view everywhere in the venue. It also has a (seated) balcony and some seats on the floored area


Great thanks. - I’m short and went to round house last week and it was really good so i sat in balcony - wasn’t sure if huge as not keen on those venues x


Welcome to the LPU!


Thank you! ^^

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I would like Mike to see my Chester drawing and get it signed wishing him a happy birthday or something. But I don’t know how to do that :frowning: I don’t know if I’ll be able to be there early enough to be in front row.


Didn’t you sign up for the meet and greet then?


That’s only possible after 12… doesn’t want people standing to early in line…


I’ve already read the announcements, but thanks…

Still could meet at that area and have a drink or bite at a snackbar or café near the venue. That’s what I did when waiting for LP concert in 2017…


No :frowning: I thought there was more time to sign up but it has already ended, right?


I’m pretty sure it ended yesterday unfortunately >_<

The only thing you could do at this point is either wait for the next opportunity for a meet and greet, OR maybe see if you could get someone who is going to the M&G to take the drawing with them to ask Mike to sign it.


Usually you have the right to get just one autograph per person, so I don’t know if it’s possible to have two autographs. Maybe it could be possible because the drawing is well done. :blush:

I’m up to stay in a café just in front of the venue for waiting until 12am (or maybe a bit less if people are coming and are staying in the line without problems). :grin:

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Great! It’s going to be mad fun :grin:

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The first m&g mails have gone out!! Let the nervewrecking waiting begin…