Mike live in Amsterdam - March 21

I’m in!!! Wauwwww

Iets open a groupchat in Whatsapp for everybody thats going

Did everyone receive the M&G confirmation already?
I wonder if I am in or not.

So far I’ve seen 5 people saying that they got a mail for Amsterdam. So honestly idk… but the mails all went out yesterday evening, don’t think I’ll be getting one anymore :’)

I’ve already set up one :slight_smile: You can email me your phone number if you want, so I can add you to the group

Thanks! Mijn nummer is 0617826065 :slight_smile:

Outlook voor Android downloaden

Hi, I’m going and can’t wait! I didn’t read everything here but saw something about doing something for Mike. What’s the plan? Boris socks, posters, hoofdschoudersknieenteen?

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Welcome! The main thing we have planned right now is little posters (A4 size) with “All we need is YOU” on it. Since Anna will attend (and it’s her first show of the tour) we think there’s a decent chance he will play World’s on Fire, so when he does we’ll all hold up the signs.

If he doesn’t play it and we’re getting towards the end then we’re probably gonna hold them up anyways and hope he plays it after all!

Some of us (including me) have printed multiple copies of the sign so we can hand them out to some people :slight_smile:

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I found the poster. Thank you! Gonna print it. So a lot of people gonna be there at 12:00?

Definitely heard of a few who are, yes xD

We have a group app going in which we’re planning stuff (like about the dinner tomorrow and meeting in the queue, etc). Would you like to join it? If you do, DM me so I can get you added :slight_smile:

Nice, thank you. Not so much of a forum person so don’t know how to DM haha. I trust lp fans so here it is: 0643774049


I got the news yesterday that I won the contest of being Mike’s stage manager for a day :scream: still in shock but so unbelievably happy!! I’ll learn how everything goes on stage and back stage, meet Mike and the band, attend his group huddle, walk him to the stage ect ect aaaaaaaaa


Woooow congratulations @demi_p, glad for you, it Will be THE day for you :grinning::grinning:

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That’s so cool! :grin:

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Congratulations @demi_p

Also a reminder to print this out for tomorrow. We will hold it up during World’s on Fire


Shouldn’t we do something for CB’s birthday

Hi! I’m over from Scotland on my own for the concert tomorrow, was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me or if anyone is planning to go for a few drinks before / after and wouldn’t mind me tagging along!

Hi! You’re free to join us! We’re a group from all over the place :slight_smile:

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Guys, please sing Happy Birthday for Chester today at the show! <3