Mike live in Amsterdam - March 21


It needs to be approved by the admin so… I hope they will do it soon.


It’s posted on Facebook now!


Nicely done, looks great!


LP Netherlands put this up, not sure if it’s the same group you guys are in:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:This is great you guys! Awesome job :smile: :+1: I’ll try spread the word!


Can’t wait. :smile::smile::smile: would be great to meet you guys there before the show! My friend has to work till 17:00 so I would like to go early to wait in line and meet you guys, but my demons keep telling me it’s a bad idea :sweat_smile: so I’m not sure of I will. I might just wait till my friend is done working

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I plan to be there early. You’re free to join me :slight_smile: The weather will be good too so we won’t freeze or get rained on!

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How early are you guys going to be there? I was thinking about 11.00 in the morning. :woozy_face:

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There has been a post that you can’t camp at the AFAS live because it’s not legal to do so :joy::joy: hilarious, they have probably seen how diehard the #LPFamily is :muscle:t2: :pray:t2:

I’m thinking about going after my last appointment, so I think I’ll be there at like 14:30 or so.
Would be great to meet you there @evooba and others :pray:t2: makes me less anxious to go there by myself :blush:


I’ll probably be there around 18:00, but I’ll see if I can come a bit earlier. Would be cool to meet up in advance!

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I was planning to be there around 9-10am. Now people say the venue won’t allow queueing before 12pm. How is this even a thing?

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Yeah I just saw this


Afas, ziggo dome and Amsterdam arena always say that. It’s to avoid campers and early queues. Makes a big mess. Also the weather is gonna be shit so it’s not super safe to wait outside so long. 12am is a decent time to start standing in line and it gives everyone a fair chance to be there at a normal time (cuz not everyone can be there at 6am or whatever due to public transport​:joy::joy:)


Lol twenty one pilots fans were camping 4 days outside the ziggo dome before the concert. Some of them did get fines from the police and send away :’) but it’s a normal thing for Amsterdam Bijlmer to give those warnings around venues due to safety ect

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12am? But they said no camping. It’s a public space, technically they cannot tell you not to stand there. The weather is going to be great actually, 15 degrees and sunny. I’ve already checked.

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Yeah it’s allowed to queue from 12am. They can since it’s forbidden to camp (so queue very early) on the grounds of Afas/Ziggo& Arena site. Been like that for quite some years now and they’re getting stricter about this every year. First it wasn’t allowed before 7am and since last year it’s before 12am. Checked it as well but it’s changing every day haha

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So, technically you can camp out. But without the actual tents. Just standing. This is weird.


Welcome to the Netherlands :joy:


Lol no just the whole waiting (queuing) before 12am isn’t allowed​:joy: cuz that already is camping for them. And they really do get cranky about it, me and some friends got send away from afas when we showed up at 5am for Demi Lovato. It wasn’t until we were with a group of 50 at 7am till they allowed us to queue there :joy:because we were with just too many people to send away


Wait, you said above that it’s allowed from 12am, why did the kick out at 5am and 7am? It doesn’t make sense.