Mike live in Amsterdam - March 21

What could that be you think? :thinking:

Maybe during a (very) quiet moment we could try to coordinate to get as many people singing One More Light as possible (maybe just the chorus)? Wouldn’t really be sure when to do that, maybe like right after In the End or something… but then if not enough people sing along and Mike continues the show then that’s that :joy:

He already played the song himself in London, indicating that it’s not like too painful a song to bring up in general.

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For information, we tried to sing The messenger at one time in Paris, but even if a little group began to sing it didn’t work because a lot of people were too excited so they were screaming and applauding during “quiet moment”. :blush: I don’t know if it could work.

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Maybe the most effective thing would simply be to ask Mike at the meet and greet if there could be a moment for OML if he’s up for it…

Only other thing we could do that I can think of would be to hold up small signs, we could print a collection and then hand them out to others as well so we’re sure a number of people have them, and then we can hold them up at a certain point during the show.

Kinda like what the crowd did here:

I love the ideas! I’m really not a creative thinker, I’m more like an executor :joy:

Love the idea to ask Mike for a moment. Also love the idea of holding op signs. I don’t know how much ink we have left at home, but I’ll prob be able to print some.

I would love to do head, shoulders, knee and toes too.

There are some ideas comming up on the FB page. Haven’t checked yet, but I got some emails that people responded

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What Facebook group is that? I don’t think I’m in it, if you’re talking about a page for the concert specifically :thinking:

A certain someone had the brilliant idea of holding up signs that read “All we need is YOU” when/if he plays WOF.


I quite like that idea, doesn’t relate to Chester’s birthday but might be nice to do :thinking:

The possibility that he will perform World’s On Fire is pretty high. Because Amsterdam is the first concert Anna will attend and it’s his love song to her and his kids.


Wow Anna will be there? I had no idea, how do you know that?


@OneMoreLight2017 True!! So maybe we can do that :slight_smile:

@evowarrior5 She said so on Twitter a few days ago.


I’m trying to find it but I don’t see it D: Do you have a screenshot/link?


The Facebook page:

I LOVE THE WOF IDEA! Signs which say “all we need is YOU”

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I created a poll on the FB page with the ideas that passed by in this topic. It needs to get approved by the moderator.
I really love the WOF idea tho :heart: think a lot of people will tbh

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So @evooba and me have planned a ‘flashmob’ during World’s on Fire and we made this sign (with a little help from my brother as well). It would be awesome if everyone would print one and hold it up during World’s on Fire. I’ll try and get extra. Please spread it around on facebook, twitter any social media you can


Thank you :heart:

I’ll print some extra to hand them out to some more people in the crowd so that he can’t help but notice us!


Are you in the Linkin Park Nederland facebook grou? You could also post it there and it would reach more people :slight_smile:


I really hope this works! Please spread the word guys :slight_smile:

@demi_p I did on behalf of her.


ahh okay! Just now or? Because I don’t see it :sweat_smile: I hope people a lot of people will join in with this


I got LP Netherlands to retweet it