Mike live in Amsterdam - March 21


Or what about the chicken dance while we’re at it :joy:


Is there a WhatsApp group already?


Yessss, can’t wait!!!

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I’m going to the show in Amsterdam at the end! I just couldn’t help me not do it. :joy:


OMG LISA!!! YES :smiley: so excited!!


not that i know, could ask it in the Linkin Park Nederland facebook group?


Me neither:D


I don’t have Facebook :sweat_smile: I’d like to set up a Whatsapp group though


Has any of you heard of any flash mobs or anything happening in Amsterdam?


Cool. Would be fun to do something… :grin: Maybe play some cowbell?

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It would be great to do that!

How? With two spoons and Boris on hand, like it’s Boris fault if we don’t have ear anymore after that racket? :joy:

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I would love to join an app group if you make one ~

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Hoofd-schouder-knie+teen with Boris


Someone has already thought of something we could do. But we need to get people involved somehow and let them know, I don’t even know if there is a Facebook group or something…

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Alright great! I think the easiest way is to email your phone number to my email address: rickvanmeijel@hotmail.com :slight_smile:

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Yes, a group exists. :slight_smile:


@rickvanmeijel You can add me to the group Rick, I’ll try to be active.

@Nongi Thank you!


Alright, Just one week to gooooo :grin::grin::grin:

BTW, I tried to sign up at the FB group. Now Just waiting for acceptance… Seems a small group though, is that true?


So exciteeeed. I’m currently living in Ireland on a temporary job but I’ll be flying back for a week to see the show (also a good opportunity to see some family & friends again so thanks Mike o3o). I knew I couldn’t possibly miss it.

Btw I’m still nervous about the whole no Dan thing… No news yet as to who might replace him? I kinda worry that it will limit the amount of songs Mike could play at the show.


I dont know why but… What I Worry about is Mike’s mental/emotional state, the Day after Chester’s birthday… We in Amsterdam should seriously do something extra special to atleast make him feel welcome/needed/loved/supported…