Mike live in Amsterdam - March 21

I’m coming as well o3o

I’ve been a fan of LP for 12 years (and of solo-Mike for 1 xD) but I never ended up seeing them live - worst mistake I ever made. It’ll be a really major moment for me seeing Mike on stage. Can’t wait to sing along with him to In the End (first LP song I ever heard, and in fact the very song that got me into music in general).

I also signed on for the M&G, I’m super nervous about not getting picked. Not even necessarily for myself: I have a friend who had tickets to go see LP in August 2017 which of course was cancelled, and so he never saw them live either. I’m hoping to be able to ask Mike for a little written greeting that I could post to him; I think it’d mean the world to him.


Welcome :blush:

LPU can only be paid with creditcard unfortunatly.
De contest are random.
You don’t have to pay for entering the contest. You just need to login with your LPU account.

Hope it answers everything :blush:

Thanks it does!

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Welcome to the LPU! :smiley:

Also to you @evowarrior5


Going as well and can’t wait! For all yall, if you like, join Linkinparknetherlands on social media! (facebook, insta and twitter! :slight_smile: ,
We are doing some contests, bring you all the news, and also we will be present at the show to meet all you guys!

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Cool! Followed you on insta :wink:

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nah, i know people who have been chosen more then once so well see ! :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I think we won’t be seeing Dan in Amsterdam :frowning:

Oh wow. Who will replace him?

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No idea… I don’t think anyone will actually.

Forgive my ignorance but who is that? :sweat_smile:

Dan Mayo, the drummer.

Of course, Boris is coming! :grinning:


I will be there as well! So hyped!

Counting the days!

So… I Saw fans do this at other Shinoda shows too; People wearing White socks like gloves to the concert.
Or maybe we can bring a sign that says You Are Welcome. What do you guys Think??

That’s what I said :joy:
I don’t care what we’re gonna do. I just want to show our appreciation to Mike, he is amazing. What do others think?

I have been thinking of making my own Boris or ordering one online if there’s a good one that I like. Not sure if I can easily bring a sign along, or if I’d have the energy to hold it up xD

By the way could we use this thread to share news if anything is revealed about if anyone will replace Dan or what him missing will mean for the concert?


I do Think bringing along Boris socks is the easiest :grin:.

Any news/updates regarding Mike’s tour is ok in this thread.

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I just saw the most amazing idea came by on Twitter: to do a Head Shoulders Knee And Toe flashmob during the break :joy: