LPU Memorials for different countries


Meet up in South Florida



Las Vegas
@fairy5 wanted to know of a possible memorial for Chester. Her results:


Different states

New York

San Diego
@tenkaichi has update here

I suppose I should be the one to lead the San Diego memorial if there isn’t already plans for one. This man has saved my life and given me energy and hope through the majority of my life. I will start plans for organizing a central area that would be appropriate to meet at. I will update this thread as I go.

Los Angeles

Please join us on Sunday, August 6th, at 6 PM, in front of Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd, where the bands hand prints are cemented.
Redirecting... This fan-led and would like to have fans share their experiences at the memorial.
If you would like to, please email us your idea at CBmemorial.LA@gmail.com
We are also looking for volunteers who can help us spread the word, and for the day of the memorial.
thank you :black_heart:

@MutantKid wants to know of a possible memorial for Cincinnati

San Jose

@sherrygirl wants to know for one in **Tampa/St. Pete

There was one for Oklahoma City: Dolese Park, Oklahoma City, Community Center 8:30 p.m. by @r3df0x13 four days ago…not much detail after the post



@rorymcgarrett @sophiemarsh


@smarky2 @animegirl5 @ines_chenne @lpboi87

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@moocho @Kiesha86

@alfabet @quidditchboi @ezzalouise @bittersweetx3cl

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United Kingdom


@damienshinoda @claireoliver4 @navlp @tenkaichi


@zinler wanted to know of a possible memorial for Chester in Germany. @jennifer612 replied

@bengelshen replied

Für Kurzentschlossene: ab 18 Uhr findet vor der Warner Music-Zentrale eine kleine Gedenkfeier für Chester statt :slight_smile:

Other country 3

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If you want to contribute to this post by posting your Facebook posts, to get other people who are grieving just as much as you for Chester, then please post it here and not the other ones.


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I’m pretty sure we broke the 100 mark a few threads ago. I lost count after about 85.


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Switzerland on this Saturday:

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Other countries

@kellakella wants to find one for Montrel

@infiniteaftermath for Austria

@xxdilloncaxx wanted to know for one of Manchester, UK

@leonalongden is looking for a Hunting Party get together in Perth

@joseynic1023 is interested in creating a Puebla, Mexico

  • Chester Memorial ? I think by the star of Puebla would be a great place for Saturday like our friends in Mexico City,¿Quién está interesado en crear un Memorial de Puebla, México - por Chester? Creo que por la estrella de Puebla sería un gran lugar para el sábado como nuestros amigos en la ciudad de México.
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Is there any plans for a memorial in Cardiff South Wales? I see a possible London tribute but nothing for those who live a bit too far away. Is there anyone interested in doing something there?

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Yeah, already got those. Thanks

porto, portugal?

I haven’t seen one yet. But hopefully someone will come along and post an update for you on here :slight_smile: