One more light: Birmingham. A memorial to Chester Bennington, Saturday 29th

Hi guys,

There is a meet up happening on Saturday were fans will meet, discuss and share stories and then pay our respects, we will be then going to the venue of Chesters last show, the Barclaycard arena.

Full details are still being arranged, but anyone that wants to come please let me know…

There is a Facebook group for people that like that kinda thing: Redirecting...

You can also follow me on twitter for more details @smarky (best!) or just respond here and I will message you the details etc when i have them.

I’m planning on being in Birmingham from around 2pm onwards, i know some people have work so we might not all be together at the same time, but let me know and I will try accommodate you.

I would really appreciate people coming or letting others know that might be interested so we can all get together! Thanks!


All the details are now on the Facebook group by the way guys… we are going to be there late into the night and partying it up, celebrating music, celebrating life as we Chester last said.


Hi all, after some rejiggin of stuff. I am can make it to this event. Probs be in the Central Square, Brindleyplace at around 3pm. Hope that is ok. A BIG THANK YOU to smarky2 :wink: for sorting this. Cheers.

I am the one in the Ponytail in my profile pics. Come and say hi. I will probably be looking a bit lost

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You might be there slightly earlier than your hosts, but I am sure others will be there, I will come say hey as soon as i see you!

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If anyone can’t come to birmingham please message your cohost @harleenquin82 on twitter or Sarah Sag Aggers Aggarwal

She will be taking notes of the messages and writing them on pieces of A4 card which will be taken and placed with the flowers at the arena, we will try take photos of your message as much as we are able too!

Thank you again my friend :slight_smile:

When I saw this thread, I was listening to OML and crying. The next lyric was “And you’re angry, and you should be.” I burst out laughing. :heart: I know some of you will get why this is amusing. :smile:

For those who don’t…some people have been getting agitated by these posts not being kept in the designated thread.

I’m hopefully popping down late afternoon.

Thanks to everyone that came along, it was an amazing and sad day, but a perfect example of why I love you all.

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No worries dude. So glad to have met you again and all other LPUers and LPers alike :slight_smile:

Thanks to you and other organisers for this event.

Chester is proud of you!!!

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Yeah thanks for organising. I was only able to stay for 10 mins but that was enough time to lay flowers and observe for a little bit. Wish I could have stayed longer.