LP Underground Code of Conduct

(this also applies to POSTS and FORUM)

a. Play nice; treat each member/moderator with respect.
b. Personal attacks on members, moderators, or any individuals are grounds for removal from the LPU.
c. No profanity, vulgar language, sexual remarks, references, or innuendos.
d. There shall be no racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, or any other type of harassment tolerated. If violated, you will be removed from the LPU.
e. Do not post about the personal lives of the band. Questions or comments about family members of band (wives, children, parents, girlfriends, siblings, etc.) are not allowed on the board. This includes posting photos of family or links to photos of family members, or inserting pictures of family members in signatures.
f. No flooding the boards or spamming allowed.
g. Only comments/posts by LPU HQ staff or band members should be taken as official. If a statement is made by another member, keep in mind that this MAY NOT BE TRUE (Ex. New releases, tour dates, secret shows).