Code of Conduct for LPU Whatsapp Group!


We have formed a Whatsapp Group for us LP Soldiers to connect and interact outside the forum and chat. The group is small now but we hope that more will join.

What is Whatsapp?
It is a free handy communication app that can be used on any smartphone with an internet connection [whether wifi or 3/4g]. Find more info here:

Those who do not have a smartphone but who are able to at least receive a text message, you can try installing BlueStacks on your laptop or PC: click for link.

How do I join?
Sorry, but unfortunately we are not accepting any more people as it is starting to get crowded.

You can also drop by during one of our meets at and contact @theearlywalker or any other moderator there.

Code of Conduct:
The LPU Forums has a Code Of Conduct. [Click here to read it if you haven’t.] (LP Underground Code of Conduct)
We want to prevent offensive behavior and keep the Whatsapp group a nice and friendly environment for all LP Soldiers to communicate.

  • No racism
  • No direct attacks to a specific LP Soldier
  • No sexual content
  • No random and/or troll phone calls.

If you know of any other things that needs to be included in the code of conduct, feel free to share your ideas below.

[insert totally nifty topic here]

hey @gatsie nice idea, I join a poll inhere, cause I was rather suprised how we act on some stuff, and me as woman, I feel like be sheltered more inside this group, btw @jabinquaken thanx for ya cool style on this massive error, taken part on our group, thank you MAN!

not to me guys, shelter ya soldierettes in such cases… courtesy call

@everybody on lpu whats app


A poll is a good idea!

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Speaking of which, I forgot to tell you guys that I’m not on WhatsApp anymore. I’ll ask Rob to add me again soon when I sort some things out.


We were wondering why you were so quiet on whatsapp

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In case you are offended by somebody on whatsapp or plug, how would you like to see react the community?

  • I like to be offended, stay out
  • I want ya to shelter me

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If there is sexual offense, what support would ya like to get from you online-friends, the lpu regulars?

  • nothing, I am a victim anyways
  • end it and show ya solidary clear, this is a foe on our code of conduct

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so guys, join the poll


lol Rob voted I guess :stuck_out_tongue: @the_termin8r

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sry had to edit ya ? at the end of thread name into !
buon siesta

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Passed you by indeed:


I hear so much about this app, what is it?

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It’s like Viber but better.


What type of software or device do you need for it?

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A smartphone with a phonenumber would suffice :slight_smile: More info about whatsapp can be found here:

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Cool. It sounds like what I have been looking for. I’m getting to where I can’t stand Facebook any more because I am getting messages and phone calls from people who can’t seem to take a hint, but
I really like to associate with other LP fans, like here.


You’re more than welcome to join :slight_smile: It’s basically chatting on your phone, you decide what you want to share or not :slight_smile:


Hi guys…i wanna to join ur WA group…pse gimme the way

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I wanna join ur WA group…pse gimme the way :joy::joy::joy:

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I would also like to join in)


Easiest Way: join Plug Chat an Share your number - we are all admins on the Group or Sent Email @the_termin8r s old email Account! He Posted it several Times on Plug thread
@linashinoda lol
@samuel_the_leader Bad Timings
@nickgr next Time we Share I add you! You noticed that I Posted a link To ya thread in my Last Blog dude?!

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