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I’m going to Birmingham on my own, can’t seem to find anybody willing to pay £62.50 for a Thursday night. The biggest decision is whether to get standing or seating. I’ve never bought seats via LPU presale, so don’t know how good the seats will be. Standing is more fun, I just won’t be able to get there until 8pm, and the last LP arena show I went to had the double barrier, which meant I was at the back. Anybody know if they still do this, and if so do LPU members get wristbands or anything? Thanks

Do you know if it will show the prices of the tickets before Monday

Il be going to Manchester
Excited is an understatement!!

Hey guys, I’m extremely new to LPU (about 10 mins), How do you go about actually booking on Monday? Do they send you an email link to tickets? I have no idea what’s going on! Ha ha

Hey :slight_smile:
I’m hoping to go to both London and Manchester shows. Just wondered if anyone knew a couple of things as I’ve never brought tickets through the lpu before. Can you buy presale tickets to two gigs? And also can you buy more than 2 tickets or is that the limit?

Any help would be great thank you

Soooo excited for this already :grin:

You have to go the section on the menu bar that says pre sales and they then list the shows. It says info on that page about where to find your code to use to buy tickets☺ hope this helps

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You can buy up to 4 lpu presale tickets

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I’ve found my code, which is a ticketmaster code if that means anything? What do I need to do with the code on Monday? :upside_down_face:

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I’m going to the Birmingham show too hopefully! :smiley: Just need to make sure I can get a couple days off work, since I’ll have to travel for it. Was so excited when I saw that they’re coming back to the UK (after my brief moment of “WHY DOES NOBODY EVER COME TO SCOTLAND?!”)
Does anyone know if they’re definitely doing a meet and greet and if so, what the chances of getting picked for it are? I’m wondering if I should get my friend a LPU membership too just to give us another chance at getting picked.

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I am so glad they are going to be back in the UK. I can’t wait!!!

I am going to the Birmingham show :slight_smile: and hopefully I can finally redeem my LPU 11 Meet and Greet :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Meet and greets are luck of the draw. These guys will do them at almost all shows. I would put money on there being one in all UK shows. I applied for Download 2014, so did my wife. She got in, and I didn’t (almost caused a divorce hahaha). I’m hoping that I’ll be luckier for Birmingham this time around! :slight_smile: It’s all fun and games. I just want to know if there will be 1 or 2 barriers. 2 barriers sucks so hard if you can’t get to the venue early.

Hey riot kitty,

The tickets that go on sale to the Lpu on Monday there will be different packages the top one includes meet and greet. I remember there being a draw though for Lpu members too. Depends if you wanna pay for it or take the chance of getting picked in the raffle.

Didn’t realise the guys charged for M&G. I thought they were always raffled. Good to know that… I’m still struggling to decide between standing or seating. Seats feel so boring in comparison, but it’s also a safe bet if the seats are good.

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Yeah deffo Andrew, I saw LP on the hunting party tour at 02 London I went with seats as they were right at the side really close to the band.

I think this time around I’m gonna go for the pit. I’m hoping to get the early entry tickets so I can be at the front lol.

Just going to have to hope I get lucky, I suppose! I’d probably be a blubbering mess if I got a meet and greet though, haha, so at least if I don’t get picked I can maintain some sort of dignity. I take it if you get picked for meet and greet you can’t bring another person with you?
I think I’m going to go for standing; I have a mobility issue but it’s totally worth the pain to be part of the crowd.

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I know I think I’d have some sort of panic attack :scream: If got meet and greet haha. Yeah I’m thinking of getting pit tickets this time around!

I’m not to sure if you can bring a friend to meet and greet.

Definitely not able to bring a friend unless they’re classed as a carer. I think the management team are understanding for people that need to take friends, but as space is limited they won’t usually let you take a friend along. I might see what seats are available on Monday, and if there is nothing amazing I’ll get the pit. Going on my own this time so I’ll be able to weave in and out of the crowd.

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I was thinking about doing London and Manchester but now I’m probably just going to the 2 London nights.

As for tickets, limit is 4 per person via the presale, first come first serve. M&G is free via the LPU, premium tickets (that include a m&g) don’t have anything to do with the LPU. Pit is always better.

Early entry, we’re gonna have to wait and see if they’re doing that this time aorund.

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It’s in your account settings - promo codes. You will need this code and also be ready in ticketmaster (pref. registered)

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