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I was thinking about doing London and Manchester but now I’m probably just going to the 2 London nights.

As for tickets, limit is 4 per person via the presale, first come first serve. M&G is free via the LPU, premium tickets (that include a m&g) don’t have anything to do with the LPU. Pit is always better.

Early entry, we’re gonna have to wait and see if they’re doing that this time aorund.

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It’s in your account settings - promo codes. You will need this code and also be ready in ticketmaster (pref. registered)

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You need to be logged onto Ticketmaster (tip. Use Google Chrome browser NOT Internet Explorer - I’ve always has issues getting through with IE)

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I will buy ticket for London.
I have the code to buy in ticketmaster. Once there will appear the option to buy a ticket with m&g possibility? How does that works?

I’ve not got a presale code still :-S

It should be in your settings under promo codes.

Thats good, thanks!

Are there details anywhere on the prices for the premium ticket packages? Presumably they will be extortionate but I like to have all the information.

http://www.cidentertainment.com/events/linkin-park-uk-tour-2017/#one-more-light-world-tour-experience Click on the venu at the side and it shows the prices

LPU members can locate their pre-sale code by following these steps carefully:

  1. Login to your LPU Account.

  2. Go to “My Account”

  3. Click “Manage Account” under your Username

  4. Click “Settings” in the upper right hand corner of that screen

  5. Click “Your Promo Codes”

  6. Code will be labeled: "LPU PRE-SALE CODE EU/UK HEADLINE TOUR 2017”

Linkin Park Premium Ticket Package - Premium Reserved Seating
149 GBP
Is this the best seat? How is this bought?
Have you been in another concert of LP in London? 2011 if I am not wrong? What is the best time to get there to get the first row? The trouble is how to go to the toilet while you are in the queue without losing your place?! thanks

Very expensive. If I had the money lying around, I’d go for it. Sadly, I don’t and I have a 2 year old son to look after, so it’ll be a bog standard ticket for me and fingers crossed for the M&G lottery.

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I am looking to the page on ticketmaster.
The area to put the code needs to appear next to the date and time, no? Because how can ticketmaster knows that is a person with the code to buy the ticket at 10:00?

At the moment there is no button to click to try to buy the ticket. Is tomorrow different?

I’m assuming the area to enter the code is going to appear at 10am, not before I think.

Hey guys, looks like my chances are going are slim :frowning: really can’t afford it. I won’t buy a standard ticket there crap.

I thought buying a standard ticket in one of the front standing sections at the 02 would be okay. Now I’m worried…

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Hey guys!

I just signed up again with my LPU preorder code from OML, super excited about this tour! The announcement caught me by surprise.

I am seeing Blink-182 when they play London, hoping for a second date… Did you guys see the VIP packages… ouch!

Miss the free early entry in the LPU, had it last time they played the 02 and it was awesome, then i went the second day and had meet and greet, I was at the front the first day and right at the back the second day! Was still awesome from the back cause could still see really well and got to see the whole stage show!

What is wrong with just going to see the band play with a standard ticket?


Ah! I’m so anxiously watching the clock for this! XD