LP performance for Year 11's?

So ok, I understand your intentions are good and you’re not like trying to trick them or anything but actually doing something to help their cause, which is pretty amazing (congrats on your other fundraiser too, impressive!) but it is kind of impossible and I’ll explain why:
A) You’re in the UK, if it were to happen, it’d have to be sometime around their tour schedule in the UK (and only if they were playing in or near your city)
B) Being outside of their homecountry means that moving gear, crew (I mean everyone, techs, chefs, production, management, security) and everything else is 10 times harder. Yes, they do keep a rig in Europe, but imagine how crazy the cost would be
C) Actual cost. You might raise lots of money for MFR but they will need way more than that to come and play simply because of the reasons in b. Also, I imagine that you’d have to book a small venue for the gig and that requires more money from your school to provide for booking it and since LP is a pretty big name, it wouldn’t be cheap.

Bottom line is that it would cost way too much for your school to organise this than have a local lesser known band (or a band from your school if you have one) play and that its way too much trouble for LP’s team.
You can always do the fundraiser though and donate the money to MFR, I’m sure they’d appreciate it a lot.


Your choice. Report back and tell us what happens when you do :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Do you think it will be better to ask my head teacher first and then the HQ? Or the other way around? Also… REALLY stupid question, how do you actually contact the HQ? :no_mouth:

I’d say go to your HT first because if by some miracle they decide to come, but your HT say no. That would be a suicidal screw up.

If you want ot contact MFR try this: http://musicforrelief.org/contact/

As for the band themselves, I don’t know. Maybe try to send a message to Mike here: ( http://www.linkinpark.com/users/mike ) but make sure you’re serious with it (you don’t want to sound like you’re messaging him to annoy him).

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Thank you do much! :slight_smile: I’ll message you guys back with the results, although this may take a few weeks or so, because our school doesn’t all regroup till September

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I’m back in college on the 4/9/15 Sep :confused:

Off topic: Whoever named the months in the English language was clearly an idiot. It would be common sense for September to be the 7th month, October the 8th, December the 10th. With November possibly as the 9th.But no they decied to just be stupid. :unamused:

I know you must be getting annoyed with me asking you all these questions, but how would you write a message to Mike to make it sound serious?

@Beckster2000 Don’t contact the band members. Their profiles are being handled by other people and they don’t read messages and stuff since pretty much everything is spam.
Email Lorenzo and Lulu here lpuhq@lpunderground.com :wink: Good luck!!


Alright, thank you :slight_smile: How would you go about writing it though?

I’d be brief and straight to the point. Not too formal, since they’re pretty cool people. Just tell them about the party and its purpose and ask them if they’d be interested and/or willing to participate.

^This^ Don’t waffle, just be blunt, but not impolite, with it.

I also meant an email to my head teacher, how would you write it, sorry for al the questions, I just want this to have the biggest chance it can get, even if its not a lot… :pensive:

More or less the same way, don’t use slang, don’t be impolite, get to the point. Or better still, see them in person, that way they’ll see that you are serous about it and are looking to get something done.

Does this sound okay, if not, what would you change?

Dear Mr ***,

I am emailing you about a request for a live band performance at our school for the Year 11’s (my year group) as it is our final chance to relax before the stressful weeks of exams. In order to fund this, I believe that we should begin fundraising for their charity Music for Relief. I am asking this as there are quite a few Linkin Park fans in our year. This, I feel is a way of not only enjoying the concert, but as a way of showing that we are a determined and caring school when it comes it fundraising, as we always have been. Of course, this comes down to your decision whenever it goes ahead or not.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you consider this,

Kindest regards,

*whether it goes ahead or not

Other than that it should be fine.

Well guys, I just sent it off… :cold_sweat: well… now I’m gonna prepared for my hopes to be murdered by the response from him

I say there’s about a 98% chance of crushed hopes, sorry.

At least I can say I tried :grin:


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