LP performance for Year 11's?

Hi guys,

This is my first forum post on here, and I was wondering, because I have my last years in school coming up and LP are in the studio from this September, would it be a good idea to ask my school head teacher if we could get them to perform at my school, a week before our exams, (our exams are in early May I think) just to allow us to relax and forget about our worries. Most of my year are big fans of their music and… Rob did say they wanted to wind down their live sets to play smaller venues, but I want your opinion.

Would it be worth it, if not, then fine, but if it would be, then how would I write an email to him?

Thanks guys,
Beckster 2000

Well you’ve got high hopes. I seriously doubt that they’ll play at a school. But if they did, that’d be quite something.

Do you think its worth trying or…?

I don’t know how busy the band are (very is what I’m assuming), but they’re not known for doing things like this. You’d have to have a better reason then just for fun. You could try to get in touch but be ready to handle some disappointment as I really don’t see why they’d do it.

Thank you, I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Good luck, you’re going to need it.

Boy, don’t I know it…

If you want a LP show, you have to spend like 400-500.000 $$$

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That’s what I was thinking, £££ talks, but even then.

Oh wow, that’s a request I haven’t seen before. To put it simply, they’re rockstars, they don’t do high school parties. Plus, are you willing to pay them a pretty decent amount of money, like 100k (maybe even more like it was mentioned above)?
You can email the HQ and ask if they’d be interested but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.


I think I know what @the_termin8r1 is thinking: just because LP performed at this university doesn’t mean that they would perform in any school.

First, I didn’t know about that. Second, by the looks of it it was just Mike and Chester. Third, I think they only played a song, possibly 2. I’m assuming the OP is talking about a full set-list not just a couple of songs.

That was a completely different thing though. UCLA honored the band that day for their environmental and sustainable energy efforts.
Same goes for Mike and Brad’s appearances as the special guests at their respective colleges’ graduations.
Like @the_termin8r1 says, this is just a request for them to play at a party.


What if it was for charity, say… my school raised a certain amount of money for Music for Relief?

Really, lying to them? Isn’t your headteacher meant to organize this? Are you going to tell your head teacher “Look Sir/Miss/Ms we need LP to play, but I doubt they’ll show so we need to tell them it’s for charity.” how on earth do you expect that to go down? Also, what happens when the and find out (or rather their agent(s)-or even both the agents and the band)?


In case I misunderstood your post and you’re looking to set up a charity event you might have slightly more chance (not by much), but you will have to raise a noticeable amount of money preferably for MFR (music for relief) as that’s LP’s own charity foundation.

Also I just noticed you saying ‘Year 11’ in the thread title, you wouldn’t happen to be in the UK would you?

No… it might not sound right to you,…

What I mean is, with our school, it works that if we do something for them, then we REQUEST if they could play, and most of the bands that have played at our school are pretty well known. And the Music for Relief thing is also because I want to raise money for them, but I just thought it would be easier for both sides… yes I from the UK… and I KNOW that will make it harder because they need to take planes and everything like that to get here…

Besides, we did a Heart of Kent Hospice last month and we raised around £3000 between only 300 students, when there is around 1000 in our school.

If you don’t think its going to work then just say give up.

:grimacing: Sorry if that last bit sounds harsh, but I guess I’m pretty passionate about it…

In all honesty I’d say give up, it’s way too much trouble. Plus what on earth kind of high school do you go to? My high school was soooo dead and full of little to no LP fans, I have a friend who is a fan and I saw a kid from a younger year rocking an LP shirt on a non-uniform day and that was it. (I’m starting year 13 in sep).

My secondary school has loads of LP fans, on non uniform day, we had it a while back and loads of kids came up to me with smiles about LP, one girl freaked out about it. I personally think it would be worth it but… I guess, it all comes down to what my HT says. Funny thing is, he likes them as well but…

Most people in my highschool were for the cheap, meaningless mainstream hip-hop. Or mainstream pop. Very few could respect bands like LP. They didn’t appear to take their music seriously. :frowning:

That must have been annoying… I’m gonna try and give it a go, if it doesn’t work, then at least I can say I tried… :relaxed: