LP performance for Year 11's?

Does this sound okay, if not, what would you change?

Dear Mr ***,

I am emailing you about a request for a live band performance at our school for the Year 11’s (my year group) as it is our final chance to relax before the stressful weeks of exams. In order to fund this, I believe that we should begin fundraising for their charity Music for Relief. I am asking this as there are quite a few Linkin Park fans in our year. This, I feel is a way of not only enjoying the concert, but as a way of showing that we are a determined and caring school when it comes it fundraising, as we always have been. Of course, this comes down to your decision whenever it goes ahead or not.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you consider this,

Kindest regards,

*whether it goes ahead or not

Other than that it should be fine.

Well guys, I just sent it off… :cold_sweat: well… now I’m gonna prepared for my hopes to be murdered by the response from him

I say there’s about a 98% chance of crushed hopes, sorry.

At least I can say I tried :grin:


This is a rather…um…unusual topic

The Person Above Me: The Person Above Me

Love that pic! :joy:

There are some great ones in that thread…some really weird ones too.

Definitely one of my fav posts, took me a while to clock though :joy:

Only annoying is, I CANNOT hear this song anymore without Mike holding a bottle of Ketchup as he sings this live… DAMM IT INTERNET! :joy: :relaxed:

Wait, did he actually do it live while holding ketchup?

No sadly… but dam that would make my day! Look at this one: enter link description here

3 questions for this:

Is Joe secretly a ballerina?
What the hell is Phe doing with Rob’s drumsticks?
And where the hell is Bourdie?

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My question is what was Brad doing before he turned around? And who’s the person in the background who came into view from the left of the door frame, walked to the right a bit and then came back to where they came from again, were they lost?

No idea… Maybe Brad was playing another prank on Rob? Maybe is was Chaz or Robbie?

A guy actually gave mike this shirt :joy:

Lucky him! I wonder if Mike kept that shirt… :grinning:

Can’t believe this went from a serious charity band thing to a picture sharing thing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

IKR? But to keep the stupidity going, I made this…

It’s the world’s shonkiest editing job. You won’t believe how i did it. i got a pic of mike, a pic of a bottle of ketchup, a pic of the shirt. The pasted them on separate word docs, then removed the backgrounds for the bottle and shirt until I was left with a bottle with no cap and just the sign for the shirt. Then I just pasted them to Mike’s head, printscreened it, pasted it into paint, cropped out the word HUD then went to photobucket to get rid of the white space from paint and then finally turned it into a meme. yes, shocking, I know :joy:

Clever! Let me try!

Go ahead, I’m interested to see what you’ll come up with :slight_smile:

Lol, i just got a mild telling off from the site.