Living Things Album Cover + Burn It Down Premiere!

loving it! cant wait until Living Things comes…
pretty bad i cant download it on german iTunes yet… hope soon

Out the day before my birthday, just like I called it! And I’m on vacation that week! SWEET!

I think it’s pretty awesome! WooP!



and the cover is asdfghlkhgdsa too

Love it! :smiley:
Enough said :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I cannot wait until their North American tour.



this is gonna be on repeat all day long

I Love Burn It Down but I do not like the dress handkerchief of their new album

I love this song…and the album cover is really cool. i can´t wait for the new album :slight_smile:

If I’m honest, I gotta say that I expected the cover to be more referring to the album title.
Since the album was announced as ‘more personal’, they at least should have created a cover with every band member on the cover or something that kind of symbolizes the idea behind the record. It’s not, that I don’t like the cover that much, but I’m wondering about it.

The style also seems quite similar to the ATS artwork. They first used this picture of a sun or something for ‘The Catalyst’, then released ATS with something quite similar looking and then they gave ATS+ the cover with a special photo filter on over the original picture.

I haven’t heard Burn It Down yet, I gonna listen to it, after I pre-ordered and then downloaded it. I kinda…wanna listen to it as legit as possible [biggrin]

Awesome song:)

I absolutely LOVEE Burn It Down… I’m so amazed by the song and I can’t stop listening to it!! I am so happy!!! SO SO SO happy!! Thank you LP for making beautiful music!!

BURN IT DOWN :heart:

[quote=Miguel Zazueta]Totally Loving the album cover!!

The song’s pretty catchy… but i can hear the guitars!! i guess it’s cuz’ there are no guitars!!!

My rating so far: 8[/quote]

There are 3 or 4 guitars in song. Actually they are using power chrods, which they didnt use so much in ATS, very similar to the New Divines.

this is glorious!

I love Burn it Down so much, its a perfect song from the LP Guys

I was expecting more from this song… There’s too much repetition in my opinion and not enough variations… I’m a bit deceived but it’s still a great & catchy song! :slight_smile:

I love Burn It Down soooo much! The song is just so perfect. Can’t wait for the album!

I really like the song :smiley: And this cover is great!

itunes New Zealand published the Track list from Living Things :

1 Lost In The Echo

2 In My Remains

3 Burn It Down 3:51

4 Lies Greed Misery

5 I’ll Be Gone (feat. Owen Pallet, Arcade Fire)

6Castle Of Glass


8 Roads Untraveled

9 Skin To Bone

10 Until It Breaks

11 Tinfoil

12 Powerless