Living Things Album Cover + Burn It Down Premiere!

Hey guys,
this is the album cover!

And Burn It Down is on YouTube now! Linkin Park channel!

The song is just great. Can’t stop listening to it.

Pretty catchy, can’t help but sing to it. Gunna wait a day or 2 and let it sink in before I give it a verdict. But right now I’m enjoying it. Definitely a Hybrid of New Divide and Blackbirds.

Mike could’ve had a bit more rapping too. Pretty sick though.

great! :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally it again sounds a bit more like rock than their last songs =)

i like this electronic-metal style like they remixed in the past with reanimation.

Great new song! Can’t wait for the new album! It’s going to be so good!

I love it! It’s very catchy too!! Can’t wait to preorder the album :smiley:

i’ve found it on youtube but it’s still not on ITunes for me? maybe it’s the time zone. I’m in Texas so i don’t know when i should expect it

Yeah!good song

the song is incredible but I wish tehy didn’t just have Chester on the album cover, It either has to be the whole band or a different image in my opinion

Really love the album cover. Could turn out to be my favourite!
Not sure on the song yet. Will give it a couple of days to grow on me.
Wondering how they will perform it live…all the electrics,etc.

i love the song! :smiley:

i think the cover is fine. it maybe just chester, but the face is not that obvious.

Man! This song is on repeat on my mac now! :smiley:
It never get tired! IT IS GREAT!!!

Totally Loving the album cover!!

The song’s pretty catchy… but i can hear the guitars!! i guess it’s cuz’ there are no guitars!!!

My rating so far: 8

I love the song except for 2 things:

  1. Chorus repeated too much for my liking.
  2. The ending rap with overlaying vocals (much like in Numb or Crawling) does not really fit with the flow :confused:

Just me but overall, the song is fantastic.

I love, love, LOVE Burn it Down!!

It’s on constant repeat and I wouldn’t be surprised if I learn the song word from word before the day is over. :wink:

Loving it. Guess what I’ll be listening to on repeat all day at work! :smiley:

Burn It Down is excellent song!!! I will listen it all day)

Ummm… what can i say… oh ya, AMAZING!!!

cannot wait to own.

[quote=Fu Yi Long]Hey guys,
this is the album cover!

And Burn It Down is on YouTube now! Linkin Park channel![/quote]