Living Things Album Cover + Burn It Down Premiere!

nice one, i love that song :wink:

ok… i have goose skin from this every time :)))… that song is amazing :slight_smile: i love it… especially the last 1 minute…

I can’t wait when i will hear this song live :))

Song is fresh and that’s why I love LP - man doesn’t really know what to except when they create new album. Melodic and addicting… I already remember most of the lyrics. Album is going to be great!

The song is awesome, I love it - it is so catchy and it mixes up my favourite two genres of music (electronic and rock/metal) - if the album is the same, which I think it is, I literally cannot wait!

As for the cover, it sorta resembles a more modern day LP soldier being born perhaps?

very nice

You know what this the worst part so far?:)…that we must wait more than 2 months for the rest :-((

I love the song and the album cover.
Now I can´t wait until June 26 :slight_smile:

nice song :slight_smile:
awesome album cover

Good but i don’t like this gener! Synth Rock! [sad]
waiting for LIVING THINGS album…

The album cover is amazing. It’s kinda a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing! That’s very meaningful and I suppose, that album will be a bomb!

The cover album: It’s cool. The song, “Burn It Down” I love it! :slight_smile:

the album cover is pretty dope! Kinda terminator style :smiley:

And Burn it down. Well, its a earcatcher! i cannot stop listening to it! its just awesome! Going to buy it later on itunes!

The song sounds boss, it’s so cool and great! :smiley: Yeah i miss the old LP music, but their new style is really good!!! :smiley:

Oh my god, it’s amazing!

Just great, amazing Song, amazing Cover all is awesome!

but i’m still waitin’ on the track list :-// how many song do u guys expecting?

Ok so… I want to new album NOW!!! The new song is amazing! Its already stuck in my head! haha

I really like the artwork. I think it’s much better than the single. Good job.
As for Burn It Down, what makes it unique to me is Mike’s rapping. Without it, it’d just be another song. The rapping pushed it up from being good to great for me. Overall, loved the intro very much and the lyrics. Can’t wait for the album now :smiley:

Super Excited 8)

^ youtube link

and woooooooow thats some impressive artwork for a cover
love it

and the song is AMAZING
as expected of course!!!

they are so gooooood
and i love the melody , the sounds
its a very creative song