to a brand new platform (CLOSED)

Anyone else received this important email in their inbox today? What are your thoughts about it?

Changes Are Coming To

Dear community member,

We are getting ready to migrate to a brand new platform. Below is helpful information on what’s to come in the upcoming weeks.

Please read carefully.

Your Account
Your account is currently registered under the email address where you received this message. You will need to use this same email address to activate your new account, and you have until August 14th to update any of your information. Making any changes to your account after August 14th will not be possible until on or around August 29th.

When will the migration take place?
On or around August 29th, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your new account. will look the same, and we are working on launching a brand new design for the near future.

I’m an LPU Member, how does this affect me?
Your membership expiration date won’t change. We will be bringing over all of your LPU membership information onto the new platform. On August 15th, the LPU Store and all LPU Membership products will be unavailable for purchase until the launch of the new LPU Store. and the LPU Hub will look the same for now.

Can I still buy an LPU 15 Bundle or renew my membership before the migration?
If you haven’t purchased an LPU 15 Bundle, or renewed your membership, we encourage you to do so before August 15th. You will also have the ability to purchase an LPU membership or LPU 15 Bundle after the new LPU Store launches.

Visit the LPU Store:

What changes are coming?

Here is a list of what we are migrating:
Your account details
The Date your account was created
Your Birthday
Your Points, please note points won’t be active right away but your current total points will be transferred onto your new account even if not visible
Linkin Park Forums - Yes! All of your forum profiles, topics and posts will stay as is. We are keeping the Discourse Forum and will open up the whole Forum to all users

Here is a list of what isn’t being migrated:

  • Friends List
  • Direct Messages, for now, this feature will be discontinued
  • Fan Blogs
  • Older post comments won’t be migrated
  • Tiny Chat, look out for a brand new LPU Chat experience inside the Linkin Park App! Coming Soon.
  • What are some new features to expect in the new platform?
  • Fan Posts, similar to a tweet or a short post
  • Likes / Shares / Commenting on news and content
  • Connect your Social Media to your Account
  • Brand New Contest Widgets
    We are working to bring you many more platform features in the near future, including a brand new Linkin Park App for iOS and Android. Coming Soon.

Questions? Email us at

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to bringing you a brand new experience on

-Linkin Park HQ and the LPU Team


RIP Messages: :coffin:


I’m somewhat excited. ground(ctrl)/Wonderful Union didn’t really provide the best customer service, in my opinion. As long as the new platform can do the same stuff for the most part, or more, I’m fine with this

Direct message removal seems odd. Maybe they’ll enable it here on the forums? I always figured that was the reason they removed the feature on the forums, since the main site had it. I never liked that you couldn’t delete messages on the old/current system

I’m glad they are ditching TinyChat. It had it’s use for a while, but eventually got outdated and broken, along with adding stupid stuff and removing stuff people liked (which is out of’s control, but still sucked). Hopefully the new chat works well

I hope this new app comes soon if at all

Important thing to take from this. It sounds like LPU only areas will be gone, most likely

Overall, this seems like something we should be all looking forward to. They wouldn’t be switching platforms in the middle of the album cycle and LPU year if it weren’t to make our experience better, unless something weird is going on with Wonderful Union


yes…makes sense? don’t know, but this is the delayed lpu15 imo…

Yup, Discourse can do that.

You mean lpu16 in a few months would be delayed?

yup right @Samuel_the_leader:sunglasses:

and maybe even less than in this pic

I never was able to receive pms [direct messages] anyways and I do have to agree with @jFar920 that the service here on the current site/forum could use improvement.

The forum [both LPU sections and regular sections] have been accessible to me for quite a while, despite the fact that I have no LPU membership. But to have the entire forum available to all is good, I guess.

Never used Tinychat. The fact that a lot of us rather visit another chatsite for us fans to be able to chat is actually quite ridiculous. Why not have a better operating one on the website here? Something better than Tinychat. I’m curious to find out what the improved LPU Chat will be like. [Would be great to share music like we do on but that is probably just wishful thinking].

I just hope the migration and changes won’t cause too many problems. Accounts that accidentally disappear or are accessible. But I guess it will be something we will just have to wait and see.

And otherwise we’ll always have :stuck_out_tongue:


wise words … we stay curious, at least something happens…

Yup, tinychat never worked.

And I’m still looking at this:

I am glad to see WU go as well. Like @jFar920 mentioned, customer service was bad and overall, I never thought it was a good fit for LP. Coming from Sparkart, it was like a bomb dropped and massive changes happened that caused the community to go dead.

I do believe that direct messaging is for LPU members only as of right now, which I never understood why. Though, I know that some non LPU members have access to the LPU categories here AND the videos on the main site, so @Gatsie, I guess you are one of them. It appears that some LPU members don’t so I hope this transition solves the problem.

Tinychat was ok, I mean despite of all the lag and freezes and the limited members access, it was good. Far better than VYRT in my opinion. I’m excited to see how the new chat will be, it’s actually about time they did a chat, it’s been 11 months since the last one.

Doesn’t bother me, not like I could use them anyway, because some idiot thought making basic massages a paid feature was a good idea.


Other thoughts:

Also, I’m hoping we don’t have to keep logging into the main site. And I want my meaningless badges to show up (the ones I have technically earned).

To be fair, I’d blame that on Ning or what’re it was in between Sparkart and ground(ctrl) that only had Tinychat. No profiles or forums

same here…we deserved them… each one… and get rid of for no reason… so does it really matter?

Badges are meaningless, I just want them because I’m greedy, the habit of an ex PS3 trophy hunter :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know who was at fault but I just remember how bad it looked when the switch happened. I mean, remembering how active it was and how it is now (after the change) it’s… drastic.

hunter :relaxed:

Let alone the special ones… :stuck_out_tongue:
[Sorry I’m in a weird mood today]

I have no access to the videos, nor to other LPU stuff. Only on the forum :upside_down:


Dunno what kind of glitch it is to be honest. I assume it’s random :stuck_out_tongue:

hi guys, did you received this info like me as a pm here inside, right? And did I get it right the ‘migration’ link comes via email?

I got the entire message via email not via private message, because I don’t have access to that.

The migration is something they [people of the website] will do for us. All we have to do is wait and see if it all works once they are done.