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EDIT: maybe the problem is only mine, because english is not my native language… :wink:

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Nothing wrong with that. I speak English and even I think it can be dumb with all the word variants and what not. Lots of other languages just seem to keep it fairly simple lol. On top of it all. There are lots of words in the English language that don’t have a word or meaning in another language.


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You’re right! :grin: and the reverse is true as well…


That being said. I tried to learn Spanish when I was in High School. After a few months. I learned that speaking Spanish as it is taught more on the lines of Mexican/Spanish. That you cannot speak that Spanish in Cuba. If you learn Cuban Spanish, you cannot speak it in another Spanish speaking country. Because of the different dialects. You can speak it but some words mean different things. Well, I shouldn’t say you can’t speak it. You can and they will understand what you mean. However that wouldn’t be the way they would say something. Especially slang terms. If I were to try to learn Spanish again. I would want to learn all the dialects. Hell, it even differs from Native Spanish from Spain. Amazing how many different dialects of one language there can be.

Same goes for English. You got to Australia or the U.K. and their English is very different than American English. Although we understand each other when we talk. A lot of terms and words they use we don’t use and same the other way around. Language is a fascinating thing.



Good morning everyone how everyone doing. I hope everyone is having a great day today.

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Yeah! Completely agree!
@ironsoldier16 create a topic for people who want to learn spanish and said the same as you! ( that there are many variations…)
If you want you can see it:



I’m good, but I am getting tired. Long night at work and getting close to my bedtime. :stuck_out_tongue:

I may check it out when I have some more time. Thanks :slight_smile:
I am heading out for now. Have a great day!



Thank you so much! :smile:

Have a good rest! :smiley:


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Walt disney



Reanimation :smiley:


beautiful (hey guys, :sunny: how´s everybody doing? @SS4Gogeta16 nice story, so welcome back and have fun - maybe you find your old buds back but sure you`ll find new ones! Where are you from? Timezonewise? )


lovely (friend @theearlywalker sup’? great to have you! )

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yelling: ( Y again!! :joy: heey @Honey8 great to have you too :smiley: I feel good, today my weekend started and I have 3 days off… and right now I relax, jump through the unread threads, reading the personal one from @the_termin8r right now and it´s so nice spirit and it´s nice you popped up- let`s play a lil… :sunny: )


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duo ( this just what you make me feel :))) )

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