Last Letter game vol II

Haha :joy: :joy: here you guys :coffee: :coffee:


Thanks because I need it cause I am fighting to keep myself awake but this is for Mike so I can’t fall asleep

So (great Charles, thank you :blush: and real life was nice to me too :heart_eyes:


:zap: :boom: :sunny: :joy:


Ok ( so any idea what to do? You have twitter @turners34? )

OMLL (haha :joy: that works too. And I am used to staying up late, doesn’t bother me)

No but I will make one for Mike

Leading ( awwww :hugs:- :sunny: And if karma and the law of energy is something real, he must feel great today as sooo much love is flowing to him :gift_heart:)


Getting (So do we do this at the same time?)

Get ( yeah now to get more soldiers in )

Go ( and what is the idea? To say Happy b-day? And btw twitter is running great with the „we demand“ campaign :yellow_heart: you guys already demanded him? And lol- I guess the most soldiers are sleeping rn :blush:)

October (what is this campaign? Never heard of it. And yeah I guess that’s it.)

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Read ( this thread and vote for your city

The first is for Mike only and mine is for LP too :smiley:


Dream ( yeah I wanted tell him right when it happens @theearlywalker )

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Make (it happen - yes, you are just awesome @turners34, account ready?)

Everyone ( I am making it now)

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Episode (Just demanded one for Mike and LP)


Easy ( going sis :+1:t2: And ya just cool @chigokurosaki :confetti_ball::blush:)

You ( 2 hours to go, unicorns and lollipops oh yeah oh yeah)

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Unicorns ( yay ok other than coffee what keeps you up guys)

Singing ( hahaha yeah - oh yeah… )