Demand Mike to visit your city

You can sign up and vote for Mike to visit your city! Mike has already mentioned this on twitter, but I know many of you don’t use twitter.

Good Luck!

P.S I just realized the link you posted in the other thread mentions this website @rickvanmeijel!


Wow I was about to make a thread for this when I noticed your topic just in time. Voted and hoping for Mike to do a show in my… Area… :slight_smile:


I fell for it lol- asked the mods to close it :see_no_evil:- but yeah - love the energy and it’s going to be great soldiers VOTE - but as Mike mentioned on twitter: only one vote per person to see the real amount of ppl :sunny:

And another campaign is there


We all know what you mean @gatsie :joy:

I may change my vote from my city to a city I will likely visit for the show. We have 30 fans apparently :joy: not sure how many of them have voted more than once, which is a shame

LOLZ, well, there’s only 5 fans at the moment in my city…so…yeah…HAHA…I see that Melbourne is in the top 5 at the moment - which means I’d have to go there and see my friends cute little monster kids as well…2 birds, one stone…how annoying… :laughing:

Not too bad! The city that he would go to would likely be at least a 7 hour flight from where I am at the moment :joy:

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Oh no…that’s ages :cry: - 3.5hrs for me…so I can only complain half as much as you then…:smiley:

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I have demand mike to come to millville new jersey it be so nice to see hem . This will be so amazing.


Yeah there’s not many in mine but I am working to change that

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Знаете,Киев занял 2 МЕСТО В голосовании…Но…Майк ни слова не говорит о гастролях в Украине:cry::cry::cry:Последний раз я видела lp в 20012 году…Я всё РАВНО буду обожать lp и Майка всеи сердцем и душой!!!Независимо, приедет Майк или нет!!!:heart::heart::heart::pray::pray::pray:

Hello and nice to meet you! Please write in English so all soldiers here can understand you… :blush: If you find it difficult try use a translator…

@NickGr or @jabinquaken you busy?can you help? :eyes:


For what I understand (using the Google translate) she’s talking about why Mike didn’t go to Ukrainia and she’ll be waiting for his back or something like that.

oh ok, thanks…maybe Russian/Ukrainian soldiers can help us talking with her… :blush: :smile:

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Smth like “Kiev has taken the 2-nd place in the vote but Mike didn’t even mention the tour in Ukraine. Last time I saw LP in 20012. Non the less I will adore LP and Mike with all my heart, no matter if he comes or not”


PS: the pic was taken before Kiev rose to second place.


Thank you for the translation! :smile:

Do you guys think there will be other shows in europe like Germany? Well the only chance to see that tour is if Mike randomly put a show at the german city Stuttgart. But its to small and will not happen… :sweat::disappointed_relieved:

Oh, Jab has already translated
And just as a reply:

WeDemand не является гарантией того, что Майк всё-таки выберет город из списка. Это просто онлайн голосование, в конце концов. С другой стороны Майк, как мы видим, пока выкладывает инфу об Азии и Америке… поживем - увидим

WeDemand isn’t a guaranty for Mike to choose the city off the list. It’s just a voting site actually. Well, we can see Mike sharing info about Asia and America so… we’ll see


Thank you very much, NickGr !!!:+1::+1::+1::pray::pray::pray: