Post Traumatic EP by Mike Shinoda - Out Now


Your words are just so honest Catia, thanx for your trust. I guess that these songs- in their deepness are triggerering our stucked and frozen emotiones we kept down since this unbelivable incident that came from out of nowhere- we kept them down cause they have potential to kill us- doing this makes us overcome and step on- to handle our normal lifes …

Now with these songs- which are showing and make us feel the pure and raw feels of Mike - the pain- the anger- the dissapointment- the madnesses (… to be continued ) that the incident caused. it’s his way of letting his pressure and weakness and whatever more go- and what happens now is that his music triggers our frozen feels- and - and that’s the biggest gift in it: make them flow again- and with each tear it can flow out… and make the pain maybe a bit less… I felt the same - cried and laughed same time - thinking: now I finally lost my mind- but same time feeling sooo happy about the universal sign he set with these shares: we step on- it’s painful but a very strong sign - that makes me feel right the way I feel and him on twitter then was like: we are connected and united - forever :heart:


Thanks for your honesty as well, dear. I appreciate it :relaxed:
And I agree with what you said. Hopefully with time I’ll be able to not focus too much on the pain I’m seeing in the songs, but more how they can be a huge help to relieve that same pain. Regardless of how much time it might take for that to happen, yes, we are united and connected :heart:


Mike is just a genius. Similarly to other LP songs, after a couple of days I found that PT has stuck in my head the whole day!

Well this was unexpected, considering what effect it had on me yesterday and the day before. It’s still so hard to listen but I had to listen again nevertheless. Guess this album will get into my tracklist after all :slight_smile:


Finally had the guts to sit down and have a listen. It hurts man, wow. But it’s so good.

Did anyone else notice all the bottles and the weed in the video to Watching as I Fall? Or is that just me seeing things? Not being negative, there aint nothing bad about weed… Uhm… Whatever.

Proud of Mike.


There are pills too… :sweat_smile: Anyway from my point of you, after hearing Mike’s words at the end of the song and reading well the lyric…I think he’s talking about Chester beginning with LP when he was addicted… then he “broke the habit”, but… but… :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: ( so the video with bottles and so…)

EDIT: I don’t know if I’m right! If someone knows something please tell me!


Weeds legal in California! :stuck_out_tongue: aaanywhoo…I hadn’t noticed it but I suppose he might’ve done it purposefully maybe, never thought to ask but doubt he uses anything(seems out of character for Mike)


RE: the weed, pills, and alcohol in the video, I think more than anything else, it’s Mike admitting that he has vices to numb the pain while it is still fresh, just like anyone else. I don’t believe that he’s having any issues, especially since, as @framos1792 mentioned, it is entirely legal.

Either way, I wouldn’t look into it too much.


so excited about the news of mike shinoda releasing new music have too get it on itunes if availble for purchase


I downloaded them the day he released them. Great and heavy songs for sure. But its great to see that Mike is trying his best to get through this. Hope to see LP in concert one day after all. :grin: :blue_heart:

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I absolutely love Post traumatic , like many of you, the songs are stuck in my head no matter what. I saw the pills, alcohol etc… but I kind of ignored it somehow… Did you see, Mike will take part to a festival in Japan? in october if i recall properly I think its great :pray:t2::purple_heart:

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It is legal here too, for years. I see nothing wrong with using a bit of weed or a few drinks for someone to numb the pain. Just noticed these items and wondered who else did too.

I know Mike enjoys his red wine and his beer, he’s never been secretive about that.

Mixing weed and alcohol can result into bad headaches though. Or even, becoming temporarily “paralyzed”. Been there, done that.

I just saw it on his IG. Think it is so brave! I wish he’d come to other countries too.


I remember that somebody on Twitter said it was for the voice and singing thing, I am not sure about that.


You mean he has the pills, the weed and the alcohol to be able to perform? :crazy_face:

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LPLive and the LPAmbassodors have started a global effort to generate hype around the Post Traumatic EP. The more ‘‘noise’’ you make on social media, the bigger the chance that promoters will book a concert in your country! Everyone can participate by using the right hashtags. More details here:

Demand Mike to visit your city

Abu Dhabi is on that list :heart_eyes:

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Awesome, use it! :grinning:

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Mike released the instrumentals and acapellas of Post Traumatic today


Thanx for the link Rick @rickvanmeijel :blush:


You’re welcome.

The acapellas are so nice. And that vocodor in Watching As I Fall is gorgeous (Mike’s robotish voice sound)

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Oh I still hope for a release on Vinyl one day! :pray:
So amazing that Mike released the instrumentals and acapellas ! I’m curious of what people will create with this!