We demand Mike Shinoda and LP

Hey guys,
Since Mike asks the soldiers to make noise, a lot of people sctually do. This thread is made to keep up with the development- and the first thing I wanna share is the „We demand“ campaign, that brings an artist to your town - in case they are demanded… so here is the link to demand MS and LP …





Oh shit- didn’t noticed @AJ_7 already brought a thread for this campaign up! Sorry guys- @derek and @jFar920 please close this thread :see_no_evil:


A third one?

I was second- :stuck_out_tongue:

Rick was first, AJ was second.


Ok - but until now I did not saw Ricks at all :eyes:- in what category is it hiding- and sorry my fault :joy:

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I thought Rick posted it in the Post Traumatic EP and not a separate topic?

He posted it in a thread. Not as an explicit topic.

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Uncategorized Mike on social media I believe but I could be wrong

And to post it in a topic is way too much overviewable- so talking about threads- it’s @AJ_7 the first :stuck_out_tongue:- me second and I ask the mods already to close mine :grinning:

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Yeah, for threads you’re second, I was counting posts.


All fine- important is we demand him - and that he comes, and you know how much I appreciate your content to keep this plattform clean bro- and I already felt ashamed this morning that I did the second thread!! :see_no_evil: