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I love this

Even better!! @the_termin8r you might like this, it features the Tesla coil


I actually listen to NS lol, I know how this stuff is done, it’s quite cool.

Now I recall, didn’t you recommend one of his albums? I think I listened to one

I think I did.

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Spotify vs Apple Music

Alright, so I’ve been going through headphones like crazy trying to find the best one. I just noticed recently that it wasn’t the headphones it was the app I was using. Evermusic, anyone heard of it? It’s a music app, it lets you listen to music you have through either google, cloud, waterfall or whatever.

All my music is storage on Dropbox, that’s the only thing I use it for. HOWEVER! turns out the app sucks!!! Especially when it comes to speaker wise. The headphones I’m testing out now is JBL, but now that I know it’s my app and not the speakers, I’ll be taking these back because I don’t like how tight they’re on my noodle head.

The headphones I have tried where: JBL, Sony and Blackweb. With both JBL & Sony, I didn’t like how the headset felt fake, plastic. And with the blackweb they were heavy and felt awesome. However I took them back.

My run on meme words are about which music app I should get. They both cost the same and both seem good. However I know Mike does some things on Spotify and I think it would be cool to be apart of it.

So, I’m asking. Which one should I try?

It’s not specifically the music apps, it’s more your device’s EQ and how you’ve set it up. What device do you use, @intheend?

I have a iPhone 7

I have Spotify premium and I’m totally satisfied. I’ve never tried Apple Music but a friend of mine has it and says it’s more or less the same as Spotify. I think it just comes down to what suits each individual.

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My condolences, find a pair of headphones that you know the sound quality of, get on your phone with them, play a song where you know exactly how it should sound and scroll through the EQ presets on your phine until you find something passable. Use that as a general baseline for testing other headphones and music services. Or maybe you can download a custom EQ app.

Hey random post…I am in that stage where I say fu in my head. Like that post Mike posted about Chester’s bday…I thought fu…

Is anyone near or around that stage yet? Or has something similar to it?

What do you mean, poopie?
That’s kind of always been what happens in my head :confused:
It’s like blank emotion with that fuuuuu, then it goes back to blank as best I can :upside_down_face:

Silence monkey brain.

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Welcome back! Where have you been?? :smile: :hugs: :rabbit:

I’m really jelly really jelly of that some of you can go on MS show.I don’t have the opportunity and time…The most angry makes me the fact that my fiance never have been on LP show

:frowning: where are you again?.. :pensive::sob:

LPU Fun Stat: @samuel_the_leader leads the LPU with the most post read. He is currently sitting at 239,286 which is 9,031 more than the 2nd place person.


Another LPU fun fact: I regularly stalk those leaderboards. :joy:


Random hockey poopie